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Going out.

Sep 12, 2015 9:15 PM

So, Hello good folks. When you haven't slept, yr still in pain and you look at yr smash red eyes in the ol mirror, should you go to that get together you said you would ? Im struggling a bit. I want to go to be social but I look like Im on drugs. Do you folks have this issue also ?

Sep 12, 2015 10:21 PM

Sure do havinit!! I stopped making or committing to plans years ago. Most stuff I do now is last minute cuz I never know how I will feel one moment to the next. If you feel up to going then the heck with your eyes and what it might look like and go be social. If you don't feel up to it thats ok too! Do what's best for you.

Sep 12, 2015 10:29 PM

Havinit, I do have red eyes a lot, and I don't know if it's from my fatigue and lack of sleep or the sjogrens. I agree with Linda, that if you feel up to going do so. But if you don't feel up to it, just call and tell them you'll have to take a raincheck.

I had obligated myself for a baby shower today. Even though I felt bad and didn't want to miss my nap, I decided to go because I rarely socialize anymore. I'm glad I went because I actually laughed and it felt good. Of course I'm in bed hurting tonight, but I'll sleep in or stay in bed tomorrow.

Like Linda said, i don't plan ahead much anymore. You do what's best for you, one day at a time. πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Sep 12, 2015 10:47 PM

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the baby shower Flappyslady and that you were able to go.. I hope your hurt calms quickly!

Sep 13, 2015 8:53 AM

Gracie, the" mother to be's" water broke last night and they did an emergency C-section, 4+ weeks early! πŸ‘Ά I told my daughter and hubby she looked really tired and in pain. My daughter feels guilty because she couldn't keep control of the 30+ women's talking, in order to let the shower go faster. I told her it wasn't her fault the women were so rude they ignored the m2b and chit-chat among themselves instead. The baby weighs less than 5 lbs. I'm praying mom and baby will be fine, without complications of an early birth.

Havinit, did you go? I just hope you feel better today, whether you went out not. πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Sep 13, 2015 10:18 PM

I didn'tgo, flappyslady81.Wanted to. I fully apreciate the advice. As it happened i was in for a rough night, so perhaps im tuning up some intuition. Looking around this chat room, we are running on intuition an mutual support arent we ?......That, coffee an codeine,.....No, wait; thats just me. Ha. Well, I hope yr daughter ditches the guilt. I beleive guilt an fatigue are next door neighbours .

Sep 13, 2015 10:46 PM

That's true, isn't it--guilt and fatigue are next door neighbors! I hope you daughter is okay too, FlappysπŸ’•

Sep 14, 2015 7:32 AM

You're right. We are all running on intuition in this together. I have to avoid caffeine due to my PVC's/palpitations though. I'm sorry you had to miss the gathering, but I've had to do the same. I think the longer we suffer and get "in tune" with our body signals, the more we are able to avoid additional pain.

Thank goodness my daughter's friends baby is perfectly healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately being under 5 lbs she's having to stay in the warmer in the nursery, no body fat. I'd be happy to share some of mine! 😁 The mom's only getting to hold her when feeding her. But now that my daughter knows all is well she's ok. She actually said the shower timing was the doctors fault, for saying she wasn't due for six more weeks! Lol Let's blame those docs 1 more time. πŸ™πŸŒΌ

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