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having different pains

Nov 16, 2015 12:49 PM

Sure can't wait to go see neurosurgeronJanuary and rheumatologist in January. I either hurt more or have different pains or sensations that sometimes are difficult to explain to someone. So glad for this app so I can mark them down.
About a month ago and still going, I noticed that it feels like I have bruises on the insides of my legs just above the ankle. There is no bruising there and I didn't hurt them. There is a small patch of skin that looks like little red veins. I've been feeling like at any time my bones could just snap. It's not all the time, more towards the end of the week after working all week.
Yesterday I had a horrible muscle spasm in my stomach on the right side. It lasted for approx a minute, then it was still sore and tender for a while afterwards. The funny thing is for a few days before spasm my stomach kept getting pains in same spot. Today it feels like I have been having little mini spasms under my ribs right below my breasts.
Also starting today my left butt cheek and just below have been feeling like it is on fire and when my clothes touch it, it feels like I'm on fire.

Sorry to be so long winded, just curious if anyone else has these issues and if so do you know what causes it or how to fix it?

Nov 16, 2015 1:04 PM

Rockysbaby, I get the same feelings except the bruised and firery feeling is in my arms and legs and I also get the spamams in my stomach on both sides from time to time. I don't know what causes it I thought maybe pulled muscles.

Nov 16, 2015 1:13 PM

I don't think it is any pulled muscles. Sunday is my day off so that is my day of relaxation. I haven't done anything strenuous lately. Like right now the place on my left side under my breast feels like I have a shortness of breath like after running.

Nov 16, 2015 1:53 PM

Are you on lyrica by chance. I have the same pains and spasms in my stomach since I've been on lyrics. As for the feeling of bruseing and the bones snsping I also have that. Right now in fact imin a flare and when I bealk it feels just like with the next step my leg is gonna break. On fact my legs have been going limp and buckling for a few weeks now. I don't know what causes either but it certainly is not desired.

Nov 16, 2015 4:56 PM

I tried lyrica a few months ago since my husband had several bottles. It did not help me at all. I didn't have any side effects with it either.

Nov 17, 2015 7:33 AM

Rockysbaby, I have developed the tiny red veins all over my legs in there past 2 years. Mine have actually turned more people-red. I'll get a stinging and burning sensation and when I run the address, that's when I notice the new veins. I've had edema in my legs and fewer since a abdominal surgery in 2010 & pelvic congestion surgery in 2012 (engorged mass of veins closed off/sclerosed). My cardiologist looked at them (after an orthopedist told me it's sometimes connected with circulation issues). He said they are burst capillaries that causes the stinging/burning. Because I've had so many and my edema is worse, he did an ultrasound to look for blood clots (varicose veins can develop clots). I have mild veinous reflux in my lower leg and now must wear compression stockings. That's where the blood is flowing vacates due to a valve issue. All valves open in one direction from one section to the next; vein valves open to flow blood to the heart, artery valves open to flow the blood from the heart to the body systems. Reflux can be one of more valves causing the blood to pool in the arteries or veins ) mostly veins he said). The danger of polling can cause blood clots to form, blood pressure is affected, and limb function is affected, as well as edema. Sorry for the science lesson... Lol That's how the cardiologist explained it. I also have mitral valve regurgitation in my heart, which he said it pretty much works the same. Pooling of blood is not good.

I have IBS and when I'm constipated I will get spasms, and cramps, sometimes under the ribs, and sometimes severe enough to cause sharp pains that take my breath; those are usually the ones under either the right ribs (stomach empties into the duodenum/small intestines & large intestine bends "L" flexure following up), or under the left ribs (another "L" 90 degree bend in the large intestine following down). The Gastrology said make sure I have a lot of water and fiber from fruit.

This may not be your issue though. Whatever is happening, I hope you find out soon and get relief. You may want to go to your PCP before January if it continues or worsens. Good luck! Ilk say a prayer for you. 🙏🌼

Nov 17, 2015 7:39 AM

run the address = rub the area
fewer = feet
vacates = backwards
polliong = pooling

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