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He sent an Angel...

Mar 24, 2016 11:55 AM

Today when I left work I seen a man I used to see about all the time who looks so like my Daddy! I haven't seen him in months but today he appeared and actually spoke to me for the first time. I found out he was actually in the same regiment in the army as my Dad and was there at the same time as him. His kids also went to the same school as me but they are older than me so I don't know them. Everyone knows how low I have been feeling lately and this man reappears after months of not seeing him around and actually speaks to me for a change. I feel it was a sign that my Daddy is with me and he sent an Earth Angel (this man) to remind me. xx

Mar 24, 2016 1:03 PM

How absolutely awesome.. What a great experience.{{{Hugs}}}💕🙏🏻🌻

Mar 24, 2016 3:16 PM

I know alwayzinpain I had to phone my brother right away to tell him. xx

Mar 24, 2016 3:30 PM

It always touches ne when I hear these experiences as I have been around the paranormal for many years 😳 I am known as what is called an empath and a sensitive and have been on many investigations as well as in my own home where there are 2 spirits that reside. (One nice and one not so nice. Our loved ones that have crossed over find ways to let you know they're with you and it's usually exactly when you need to know it.{{{Hugs}}}} 💕🙏🏻🌻😊

Mar 24, 2016 4:13 PM

So do u believe it's definitely a message from him?? Wow I am fascinated in all that stuff but some people are funny about it. What's it like Having spirits in ur own home? I think I would be terrified xx

Mar 24, 2016 5:30 PM

Hi so glad you have found comfort with your Earth angel I vary much believe we all have an angel or two at any time with us Our spirit teachers and helpers X

Mar 24, 2016 5:43 PM

I'm so glad he spoke to me today. 😊 I always believed it but I believe it even more so now xx

Mar 24, 2016 8:36 PM

God does work in mysterious ways. I'm so glad for you! 🙂💕🙏🌼

Mar 25, 2016 9:06 AM

Spiritualgirl, yes, I DO believe that your Dad sent you a message. As I said, our loved ones find ways when we need them to send us signs and lift us up. I don't believe in coincidence. There's a reason for everything. I mean, you've seen this man for years. He's never spoken to you, he disappeared for a while and all of a sudden, you see him again and he speaks to you?? He was in the same regiment in the army at the same time. It was also during a time when you really needed him. So, again, yes... I do believe it was a message. I have been living with these 2 spirits for many years. They are not bothersome. The one who is in the upper part of the house pretty much stays there but will follow me around. He lets me know he's around by making breathing sounds. I found out that this man was a part owner of the land my house is on. It was part of a huge potato farm. He was thrown from his horse and broke his neck and died. He said during investigation that he stays because he watches and protects me. I've told him that I'm ok many times and he can go to the light and cross over. He doesn't leave. The one downstairs is in the basement. I don't know who he is and he is very grouchy!! He doesn't cross the threshold of the top of the steps. He stays down there. You know he's there because you get the feeling of not being wanted down there and if you stay there, you get a very strong feeling of someone trying to get rid of you. It's a strange and creepy feeling. Another one showed up recently and this one IS creepy. He stands at the top of the stairs and I see him when I am going back up from the bathroom at night. He is leaning against my door and he is darker than the dark (which indicates negative energy). I'm going to have to smudge with sage and get him to cross over and leave this house. When I go to a cemetery I have to tell them that I know they're aware that I can feel their presence and that when I leave they need to stay where they are and not follow me out. Well, now that I rambled on and on, I hope you have a great day!! {{{Hugs}}} 💕🙏🏻🌻😊

Apr 01, 2016 5:40 PM

Please send me an angel so i can committ suicide and die

Apr 01, 2016 6:52 PM

Shehaze67, you sent me a private message several days ago asking me to help you do so. I will say again publicly, since you've posted publicly, please seek professional help! I don't believe you are going to find help to commit suicide here. You haven't shared anything about yourself on the profile or in the forum, except that you want someone to help you commit suicide. Please share what you are going through, what pain you are burdened with. Maybe the community can help you find ways of coping so that you don't want to kill yourself. Every human life has value and is loveable. Please let the community help you! I'm praying for you and sending hugs & love (even as strangers)! 🙂💕🙏🌼

Apr 01, 2016 7:22 PM

Please Shehaze67, reach out, open up, and let us help you through. But also reach out to a local suicide helpline. Offering you a hand 👋...

Apr 01, 2016 9:54 PM

I have no quality of life and am going to committ suicide

Apr 02, 2016 2:18 PM

Shehaze67, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering. Even folks with the worst pain, no job, no medical insurance, etc.. Have days where they smile or find some sort of joy in their lives. There is ALWAYS something the helps whether it's music, meditation, coloring, whatever.... Suicide cannot be reversed. I also know that if you are publicly posting this you really are reaching out for help: and not help to kill yourself. I agree with Flappsy that you should call your local suicide prevention line if you don't want to share here with us what you're going through. Just know there are people here who are willing to reach out and hold your hand (I'm one of them) and we will stand by and be here when you need help. So, if you want to reach out for help, reach and we will be more than happy to reach back. As Flappsy said, ALL life is precious.. Yours included. Sending you positive vibes, gentle {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that you decide to let someone help you to live. 💕🙏🏻🌻

Apr 03, 2016 4:34 PM

I have been hurting got all of my life to the point i cant even be touch because i hurt so bad i wanna die by committing suicide

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