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Healthcare Insurance via Healthcare.gov

Dec 11, 2015 7:11 AM

. I'm not sure who may be using the healthcare.gov website for insurance (USA), but I've been helping my brother who injured his neck last week. He received a letter from his insurance company, which he gets through this site, and they were tripling the cost for coverage, something he couldn't afford on minimum wage.

My sister, who normally does insurance, taxes, payroll stuff for him, called me yesterday to have me look into the insurance issue. When I went online I found a link about "auto renewal", where if you make no changes then it renewed but you lose the discounted rates! I called my brother after I updated his work info and other stuff, and instead of jumping to $224/mo, he can choose from 2 policies (not the same carrier). One would cost him $72/mo, and the other would cost him $31/mo in insurance premiums.

If anyone is using this program for coverage, go update your info so you do not lose the benefit reduction on the rates! My sister who normally does this stuff did not know or are this. It's worth everyone checking out who has decreased income. Good luck & God bless! 🙏🌼

Dec 11, 2015 7:54 AM

What if I have already updated and your plan is no longer available. And ubstill have to pay the increased rate
This is my situation. I called and updated and since I have in income I don't qualify for Medicare nor do I quality for any discounts this year due to where I live. Is there still help for people like me?

Dec 11, 2015 1:56 PM

Find an insurance broker who is knowledgeable in the ACA. Don't just go the the website. The Broker will help you find a plan that is affordable and fits your needs.

My father in law did this when he lost his job. The only issue is that the plan has a very high deductible. He said not to worry about it though, because it only applies to certain things and a lot of things are covered completely regardless.

Dec 11, 2015 8:38 PM

It's better to consult with a broker and do your own research. I went through a couple of brokers who didn't understand or know that a loophole existed that would allow me to use original Medicare and supplemental insurance without the need for underwriting. This was a unique loophole, but brokers should have known about it.

Dec 12, 2015 7:44 AM

Newfibrogirl, I'm not sure on that. My brother has income, but he's minimum wage with minimal retirement (ss) income. Did you update on your current insurances site, or on the healthcare.gov site? I did his on the healthcare site.
Amie & Donamel, thanks for that info. I didn't know about it! 🙏🌼

Dec 12, 2015 7:51 AM

You're welcome. It's terrible that the healthcare system in this great country sucks so much. There should be a greater emphasis "people"".

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