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Mar 13, 2018 3:41 PM

I just wanted to say hello. I have fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis and others

Mar 13, 2018 4:48 PM

hi an welcome sunny54.

Mar 13, 2018 4:51 PM

Hi Sunny54, I am new here too, welcome!😊

Mar 13, 2018 4:51 PM

i have fibro & spondylosis in spine all the way threw cervical to lumbar-restless leg ( crazy restless leg ). chronic fatigue an over all WTF disorder. 🤪

Mar 13, 2018 4:53 PM

Lol that made me giggle mudduck!😁 not the fact you have those problems, the allover WTF disorder. I’m autistic so I often get things wrong in social situations which is why I’ve just wrote war and peace explaining why I lol’d at your reply.😊🦋

Mar 13, 2018 4:57 PM

Welcome Sunny54 and Lilibet. I have fibro and osteoarthritis among other things.

Mar 13, 2018 5:03 PM

Thanks AnimalLover2, I have fibro, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, autism, severely deaf and a lousy sense of humour. I like to think I’m funny but really I’m the pits!😁👍🦋

Mar 13, 2018 9:37 PM

I don’t have Fibromyalgia, but do have Psoriatic Arthritis among other things. Welcome to our forum Sunny54. Lilibet you weren’t the only one to chuckle over Mudduck’s WTF disorder! 😂I about peed myself and you don’t want me to do that because I’m incontinent! 😂It’s things like that Sunny54 pick your spirit up when you don’t feel well. We keep each other going. Welcome to our madness😜(quirkiness)

Mar 18, 2018 1:34 AM

Hi Sunnt54 I am a little slow I guess. Welcome to our own group. As you can see we write about almost everything on her.

Apr 27, 2018 4:13 PM

I too have the WTF disorder. The list gets longer and pain worsening. I’m 61, and have Behçet’s disease, psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. Amongst other annoying diagnoses. Very frustrating as I feel like my body is just not allowing me to have a normal life. Docs are always changing my diagnosis because my blood work doesn’t show much. Wish I had a majic wand like on Star Trek to figure it out and figure out the best therapy. Ugh!!

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