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HELP!!! Pain is Consuming my Life!

May 10, 2015 11:02 AM

Anybody who knows me will tell you, I'm a fighter, and a stubborn one at that! However, although I've experienced paiin for over ten years, this is different than any pain I've ever had before. This is an all consuming, sickening, monster that won't relinquish its' control of my entire being. I've tried meds, going on activities as usual, bedrest, moderation, pacing, relaxation, exercise, EVERYTHING! And, unlike my fibro pain, it's always located, centrally in the same place... directly over t5. I ran out of Norco last week. I could have had it filled, but I misread the label. I thought it said April 12, when it actually said April 2. I didn't need to suffer over the last week! Right now, I'm sitting here with just short of my old dose of duragesic, (2 12 mcg patches... I had an extra from missing a dose... I tend to do that from time to time. I was on 25 mcg until I got sick of feeling drugged out and asked them to lower it.) It wasn't necessary, then. And, I still don't believe opiates are the answer. I'm really suffering! If the wait at Urgent Care didn't take so much effort, or the ER didn't require such a lengthy wait in the waiting room, I'd go.

Thanks for letting me rant.

May 11, 2015 10:49 PM

Moonrabbitzmom, we ALL need to rant from time to time and what better place to do it than right here with us... Folks who in one way or another understand the chronic and sickening pain you live with each and every day. I have been going through pain for over 22 years and can tell you that it really sucks. I have gone the natural way, the drug way and a combination of the two (which I am doing now). I used to be on the patches and have to say I was on 175mcg patches that you use ONE for every three days. Only problem was that after the second day, the patch didn't work any more. I was also then on Oxycontin 3x per day and was taking Fentanyl Pops 120mcg at 10 pops a day for breakthrough pain. Those pops cost $23,000.00 per month that my insurance covered at the time and now they only cover them for cancer patients and only the patients that are pretty near death. I am now on 100mg of Morphine Sulfate Tabs 3x/day, Roxycodone 30mg 4x/day for breakthrough, Ativan 1mg 3x/day for anxiety, Zanaflex 4mg 4x/day for muscle spasms and Restoril 30mg 1x/night to assist with sleep. The other meds I take are Synthroid for Grave's Disease, Zoloft 200mg 1x/day for depression. I feel like a walking pharmacy.... LOL!!!! Problem being, I would be bedridden if I didn't have the meds that I am taking now. I have been on higher doses and what I am on now is what I have been lowered to. I wish there was another way. I have to say that they are working on the Medical Marijuana here in NY and it is going to take another year and a half before everything is up and running and I have no idea whatsoever how that is going to work with pain management because I don't know if the new doctor who took over the practice after 20 years of me being a patient there, will be getting certified to prescribe it. Although, they just legalized it or are going to legalize it for recreational use, so there would be no need for a prescription just the card. I want to do it the correct way though and go through the proper channels so I don't lose my pain management benefit because without it I dont know what I would do and don't even know at this point if the medical marijuana will help or not. I guess I will have to wait and see.

May 12, 2015 8:54 PM

Thank you for your kind words. I've tried to keep my meds down to the lowest dosage possible. Yesterday, I went to the pain management specialist. She was kind and concerned. She assured me that although we need to jump through the conservative hoops put into place by the insurance company, they will not require me to go through the same stuff I've already tried.

I left with a renewed plan of action and renewed hope. However, because of the insurance company, it isn't going to be an overnight fix. It looks like I'm going to remain down for the next month, while they get approval for intrathecal injections, trigger point injections, and chiropractic. I've been waiting for three weeks now for aquatic therapy. But, she renewed my prescriptions, and I can finally sit-up a bit for the first time since last Saturday.

I'm either going to be getting the pump or the internal electrical stimulation appartatus. It's too soon to tell. They also want me to use a topical ointment for the surrounding muscle involvement. My sister makes marijuana ointment from 'shake'. It works almost instantaneously. However, I let my card lapse. The pain mgmt specialist told me to continue using it. Although they are unable to prescribe it, they support my use of it. However, I neither have the card or the money right now to get more made.

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