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Help...Finding a new Compassionate Doctor

Jun 18, 2017 12:50 AM

My doctor of 13 plus years moved his practice back east. The doctor that took over his patients told me on my first visit she did not want any chronic pain patients in her practice. I was prescribed 240 Dilaudid a month, muscle relaxers,diazapam for my anxiety,and was on two different anti depressants (that I did not want to take) so not only did I not have a doctor anymore, they dumped me off all my meds cold turkey. I have been without a doctor ever since. I do not have any insurance and around these parts if that's the case they wont even make an appt for you to pay cash. Anyway I have been in constant debilitating pain ever since with no hope of relief or chance of finding a new doc. I have had only two general practitioner doctors in my life( I am almost 50) so this new environment or attitude about NOT prescribing pain medication to those of us suffering so terribly and needlessly is new to me. In trying to find a new doctor,when I can get an appt, I have been verbally attacked, accused, there is this suspicion ,like I am doing something wrong simply because I am suffering this agony. I have previously been on some sort if pain med since I was 16. So you'd think that would be enough evidence for them. I actually had one guy yell at me in his office " so what you're telling me you just did what your doctor said...to take these meds" I said yes that's why I go to a doctor, is for his knowledge in helping me with my health. Sorry this has gotten longer than I intended...when it comes to this new government regulated thought process regarding pain medication i can go on for hours, it makes me so furious...the next time a doctor tries to push me off into the whole start from scratch therapy, and massage, and exercise and this and that I think I'm going to tell him listen you let me come in here everyday with a baseball bat and let me beat you up....and I do it for say 5,10,15 years....then you will be qualified to talk to me about pain...at that point YOU go to physical therapy! Sorry.... anyways here my question... finally, does anyone have any tips or ideas on finding a doctor these days that does thing the old fashioned way...are there any clues ...gosh I don't know...I just know I can't afford to go thru their 8 or 10 office visits only to have them say..."in sorry I don't prescribe pain meds" but if I walk in telling them I know what I need....I had a life when I have these medications...they look at me like I'm some sort of street junky. I just don't know what to do anymore. I can not go on like this... I just can't... this is not living...this is torture. There is a reason torture has been used since the beginning of time to date ... people will do anything to just make...it.....stop. I am at that point. I so apologize for the length of this post. Please if you have any thought insights on this question please let me know.... I've hung on as many years in this torment as I can. Thanks

Jun 19, 2017 12:09 AM

Did I do something wrong? Should I not have posted a question here...I thought maybe I broke a rule or something?

Jun 19, 2017 2:23 AM

No you have Not! My heart goes out to you. Are you in USA, Canada, UK? Makes a difference in what approach to take. I'm praying you have a breakthrough here. Can you keep looking for docs in your area online. Docs with OD instead of M.D. after there name are often more open to a multiple treatment approach including meds. Now yes the trend is moving away from opioid as primary pain solution but that does not mean going cold turkey off all meds.🤤

Jun 19, 2017 5:12 AM

BrokenBlossoms it may not help much to know you are not alone in your experience which is quite unfortunate.
I don't care what I say anymore...
I love it when they ask what worked for you or what did your doc do and when your response has any pain relief they say it doesn't work for us...then why ask me? But I could go on about their stupidity! I try to explain why I'm driving over 250miles to see a doctor..which I shouldn't have to!
I shouldn't be treated as a social outcast because I haven't any Insurance and I WANT codiene!

But BB, here we are...New USA!
Cash is no longer the driving force and docs are dictated by government (policies from people whom think they know best)
That is the otherside if the coin.

I have come to grips docs ocan write their opinions in your chart and it follows you..HIPPA? A joke now...med profession got MRI, CT scans WITHOUT me even knowing it and knew I had seen another doctor and wanted to know why!! Another dictor had a listing if ALL medications I had been prescribed before I went in!
I guess that's a new trend as well!

Oh, BrokenBlossoms, welcome to our community of long term pain dealers...I pray you find your way to relief...
Gentle hugs...all my best

Jun 19, 2017 8:42 AM

Thank you Tamtoad , I am in the US. What is the difference between OD and MD? Yeah multi treatment approach. Been there tried that...you know...I just know what works for my body....I had the medications that worked for me before i wad diagnosed with fibro. Doesn't it seem to anyone that this term fibromyalgia is just a place to "put us" where there is no answers no relief and a whole hell of a lot of ridicule? I mean I even burst out laughing when the doc told that's what I had. I think it's some sort of government project that they set up to to test the human endurance when it comes to pain....how much we can take and for how long before we break... I'm half kidding. Thanks for your reply. I was really starting to think I'd committed some posting "sin" and no one wanted to talk to me. Have to go for now. My fiancee and I are caregivers to two elderly male friends...so it's time to find the strength for somewhere to make their breakfast...thanks again

Jun 19, 2017 9:10 AM

Thank you to Spunky... I think we should all unite and force our way before a congressional hearing and have the stats on how many people that have legitimate pain, that are being tortured by their new policys...the only problem is none of us have the strength to do it. Force some change. I want to hire a private detective to find out ,of the people in govt that are making these decissions about pain medications and telling docs what they can and can't do for their patients, I want to investigate how many of their wives,sons,dauhters ....loved one in their life including themselves are given pain meds... the life altering relief of actual pain medication. I bet even single one that needs it, has got it... and I am serious about this... let's drug test our congressmen and women to see just how many of them are not only taking pain meds but most likely THEY are the ones abusing them to get thru their day. My fiancee and I know a lot of elderly people who have had their pain meds yanked from them for no reason. We have watched two reality active senior friends die a relatively short amount of time later. Taking their pain meds away so limited them, like to only sitting in there chair all day...then depression sets in...I think they just say to themselves I can't go on....why go on??? We even have a friend who's doctor committed suicide because he was compassionate to his patients FIRST...he was being so harassed and threatened where he worked( our local health clinic for those of us who are so poor we don't qualify for any govt healthcare.)..you know govt run type deal. This loving compassionate understanding doctor couldn't take the pressure they were exerting on him, and killed himself. I want to let everyone that reads my posts a heads up...I get very VERY passionate about this stuff. I was my mother's sole caregiver for over 20 yrs and watched and faught with so many docs...I was forced to watch her suffering helpless to do anything to really change it. Thank you for your response...if you can beliyit I do have more to say ,but like I told Tamtoad gotta find it in me to go make breakfast for two of the men we are caregivers for...two men by the way that the above thing happened...so now we are trying desperately to get them up and moving and interested in life again.... looking at it thru pain colored glasses this time...it's almost impossible. But thanks again for talking to me

Jun 19, 2017 9:22 AM

Oh a p.s. Spunky...without sounding like a "conspiracy theory person " but what's to say that taking the pain meds away from elderly patients that are alone and have no one to be there champion no one to fight for them, who says this is not some government run program of passive euthenasia. Don't think I'm a crack pot or anything...our govt has done a lot worse to people that have no voice....with everyone going on about over population and such....think about it.....

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