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Help....My fibro fog is driving me crazy

Sep 25, 2016 5:00 PM

So I'm writing a nonfiction book right now. I'm doing tons of research, taking lots of notes, and organizing what subjects I will be covering.
Here's the problem. Most days I can't even complete a thought. Reading is frustrating because I have to reread what I just read over and over again.
This is coming from a woman who could read a 500 page novel in 36 hours and have perfect recall months later. Now I can bearly get through a paragraph.
I'm a woman who has always valued my intelligence because you can't take what I have learned away from me.
This book is the only hobby I have. No home internet to keep me occupied. My body hurts too much to work on my jewelry anymore. And I can't think of anything else I can do from my couch except read and write.

Sep 25, 2016 6:53 PM

Hi Ctsego, I have fibro as well. The horrid fog is very frustrating most of the time. I've actually got a blackboard that I write on so I can remember what I have to do and when I have to do it! As for your reading and writing i fully understand. I used to be an avid reader but have given up due to the fact that I can't remember what I have read. It's funny how I can remember what happened before the fibro started but can't remember a lot since I got it!! It is very confusing to say the least. 😊🌼🌻

Sep 25, 2016 9:23 PM

It is frustrating. I started writing a fiction book many years ago. Then I had a stroke and frontal lobe brain bleed. I have no memory. At one time I developed web sites. Now I can't even begin to tell you even a basic code. However I still love to read - and I write reviews on books I read.

If you ever need a proofreader - I would gladly help. I also have a friend that does (let me think of the title...ugh) she reviews anything I write and edits it for me.. Duh - editor. Lol. That's what she does. Poor Due has been editing off and on for over 10 years. Bless her heart.

The thing is to not push yourself. Understand there will be days when you just can't write or research. Be kind to yourself. Maybe set realistic goals labeling them as things you absolutely have to.do this week, things you feel you need to do, and things you want to accomplish this week but won't be a huge set back if you don't.

Sep 26, 2016 1:00 AM

I wrote a post "foggy brain age or health condition". I feel your pain. Lots of kind people made me feel better.

Sep 26, 2016 1:11 AM

Have you thought about writing poems or a book full of short stories or children's books?

Sep 26, 2016 3:01 PM

Ctsego, I completely understand. I started struggling with fibro fog in 2007 but in 2014 they diagnosed dementia/memory loss. I use to multifunction with no problem but now I struggle to get through one function. They found changes in my right frontal lobe one year apart on 2 MRIs. Take notes and place them everywhere. I use my phone notes because I usually have it with me. Hugs love & prayers you'll find ways to cope through the fog! πŸ™‚πŸ’•πŸ™πŸŒΈ

Sep 26, 2016 3:02 PM

Gosh have struggled for years but now its at a point I cant ignore

Sep 26, 2016 3:39 PM

I feel your pain. Was a payroll accountant and loved my job. Because of memory problems (brain fog from fibromyalgia ) my last job accounting (20 years in the field of accounting ) fired me put me into a spiral down as well as my husband of 17 years left me after i was fired when I needed him the most.

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