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Here's what eddieray55hass wrong with him

Oct 09, 2015 10:13 PM

1. Effusion elbow upper arm
2.deben disk dis lumbar
4.deben arthritis spin un
5. sprain strain lumbar
6. Sprain lumbar spine
7.arthritis degenerate spine
8. Spondylolisrtheesis
9.degenerate disk disease
10. Sprain e spine
11 arthritis hands arms legs
12 diabetes type 2
13. Obese grossly
14 hearth deasease
15 naropertie
16 copd stage 3
High blood presser
And some more I'm reading up on

Oct 10, 2015 1:15 AM

Wow, Star, Eddieray sure had his plate full with what he is dealing with. Please let him know that he is in my thoughts and prayers. He was very supportive of me when I was a newbie to the group. Give him a big {{{{Hug}}}} for me. Thanks for keeping us posted, Star. I'm glad you're there to take care of him. You're a good person and he's lucky to have a niece like you. 🌻🙏🏻

Oct 10, 2015 9:07 AM

Star, that's a lot for him to deal with, and the cops & heart disease is likely making it harder for him. I'm keeping you all in my prayers. It's not going to be ready for him to bounce back, and its going to likely try his patience. Hugs to you both, and your Aunt. Eddieray means a lot to the group! He's been very supportive and helpful to many. 🙏🌼

Oct 10, 2015 9:27 AM

I'm new to the group, so I don't know who y'all are talking about. Please excuse me if I sound a bit clinical. Its just my training. When you say "grossly obese" can u give me a round number? A lot of the issues I see can be helped with reducing the weight. I'm not judging, believe me, I'm 300 lbs with degenerative disc disease and 2 lower back surgeries. I have MS also. The reason I ask is, you mentioned diabetes. Studies have shown people with diabetes who are obese and have gastric bypass can be cured from diabetes if it is type 2. Also the bypass will help most of the spinal issues. The effusion of the upper arm??? is that swelling? If it is, I am wondering if it is lymphodema. Ask the Dr. If it is, there are therapies for that. Talk to the Dr about the gastric bypass. It just might be the answer you are seeking. May God bless you and all who care for him. May God give you the strength to carry on so you may continue to do the work God has tasked you with.

Oct 11, 2015 1:22 AM

450 and loss of weight Is a big help but he's not able to have sergery done at this time they don't believe he would recover The upper arm is Swell ion of the arm they aren't to worrie about that one there more worried about his copd The team of Drs have said he has maybe 8 months to a year he is unaware of this so we just trying to get. Him as much time and to keep him as comfy as possible and I still believe that when God calls you you go

Oct 11, 2015 1:24 AM

Sorry about spelling been a long day

Oct 11, 2015 1:39 AM


Oct 11, 2015 11:05 AM

Star, 8-12 months to live, for real? Is it wise to withhold that from your Uncle? Why are the doctors saying that; is it because of all the comorbidities? I thought he was doing better. I'm so sorry, for you, your uncle and aunt. He talks about you all the time in his previous posts, about how special you are too them. Just try and keep him comfortable and make the most and best of every day. You'll stay in my prayers! And who knows but God when Eddieray's time is up? (((Hugs))) 🙏🌼

Oct 11, 2015 11:28 AM

Star? I'm absolutely heartbroken at what I've just read!! Are the doctors certain in their treatment? I have to say, Flappsy makes a good point in asking if this information should be kept from him. There may be things that he had it has absolutely wanted to or places to go. Please give him and your Aunt a hug from me. Tell him that he has friends here and Thad we are and always will be here for him. I am sending-up prayers for aL

Oct 11, 2015 11:37 AM

It is never good to arbitrarily keep medical info from the patient. Feel him out...ask him about a bucket list. Start with your own. Say something like, I started writing my bucket list. I want to be able to do ???. Then ask if he ever wrote a bucket list. Ask him if there are things he would still like to do. If he says yes, tell him what the Dr said, so he can decide for himself, what he wants to do. God bless all of you.

Oct 12, 2015 11:45 AM

I don't know the people involved, but my thoughts and prayers are with you all. This can not.be an easy time. When my uncle was sick, he told the Dr he didn't want to know how much time he had. He lived as he had always lived, with passion and dignity.

Oct 12, 2015 12:32 PM

Star, you and your family have my prayers. It was very heartbreaking to read this. But please you have to tell your uncle, I was in your shoes once and it was not an easy task. I was pregnant with my daughter and I had to break the shattering news to my mother in law that she had only weeks to hours left and that she wouldn't get to see her granddaughter be born or hear her talk for the first time or watch her learn how to walk for the first time. She did get the joy of spoiling her before she came into this world as this was her last wish was to go baby shopping for her granddaughter. Please don't deprive your uncle of things he would like to do. I know you and your aunt are trying to protect him but what happens when he finds out that you all knew and didn't tell him. We all are here for you and are praying for you and know we care very much for you and your family.

Oct 12, 2015 10:42 PM

Hello I'm haveing a hard time typing so I'll keep this short and not sweet at all yes what star has told you is true she just found out a few days ago I knew last year but I refused to give in at that time . I still not going to give up but I want to live my last days here in peace and with out ppl being sorry for me I'm glade I found this site You all will always be in my prays and I'll. Be watching over you too so we will be ok star will keep u all posted for me it's a lot of stuff just giving out and. I'm just to tired to have a lot of sergery done and not end up good thank for all you done. Flappy lady , and everyone else I'm to tired to list the whole family hugs to all nite

Oct 12, 2015 10:55 PM

Alwayznpain,moparmom,profiler, I hate when my mine goes blanke thanks for all your help and prayers

Oct 13, 2015 7:29 AM

Eddieray, I am relieved you know but it saddens me that the same time to know that you have such a diagnosis. You have all my prayer's and love and hugs as well as your family. And hey we are all entitled to our brain going blank as mine does that on a daily basis and I couldn't tell you why lol! Prayer's to you and your family and if you ever need to talk I'm here and same goes for Star, as we have a lot in common God Bless you all! 🙏😘💕

Oct 13, 2015 8:48 AM

Eddieray, I'm also glad you know, but saddened. I can't imagine this weight you've carried so long. You're a very strong & special man. I will miss you so much! Though I haven't known you for a lifetime, you're as dear to me as if we had met years ago; you're one of my new friends among many in this community. I have missed your wisdom you'd give me here and there, your support. But I completely understand. Just know that you will not be forgotten, and we shall one day truly meet!

You spend your time with your family. I wish you the very best for whatever time God allows you & your family to have together. May He keep you as pain free as possible so you enjoy time with them. Grace and blessings to you and your family! (((Hugs))) to you all! And yes, Star please keep us posted. 🙏🌼

Oct 13, 2015 1:15 PM

Yes I will keep you informed and thanks flappylady81 moparmom ,For the kind words

Oct 14, 2015 9:40 AM

Well he wants to go to the zoo today so will see how it goes

Oct 14, 2015 12:09 PM

Eddieray, I am glad that you know and I'm doubly glad that you're not giving up!! I understand you wanting to live out what you have in peace. You're a good man and I feel blessed that I know you. You've always been encouraging and in good spirits and willing to help others. You're a special person. You are always in my prayers and I'm glad that you have Star there to help you out. Try not to give her too hard a time, she loves you and just wants the best for you and to help. You take care of yourself and know that I'm here for you when you need me. {{{{Hug}}}} and prayers.💕🙏🏻🌻

Oct 14, 2015 9:19 PM

Well they had a blast to day a big change he was so happy he got out for three hours he got really cranky and I told him you need a pill he said well you think I do as he drank ax large diet soda. Then he said lets get my wife and grate Neisse home there tired from all the sun we got home he and my Annt went and layer down and sleep till I had dinner fixed he ate and went back to sleep

Oct 14, 2015 9:23 PM

That's so wonderful! Thanks for sharing Star. Tell Eddieray it sounds like he enjoyed the zip enough for me too. I want to go, but I'm trying to wait until I'm more able to walk. Goodnight and rest well! Hugs & a prayer none of you will be too sore or tired tomorrow. 🙏🌼

Oct 15, 2015 10:24 PM

I'm so glad that he has someone as awesome as you star, taking care if him! It's rough at time but very rewarding! Family is what it's all about. God Bless you star for all you do for your Aunt and Uncle! Know that your all in my prayer's still! Love and Hugs! 💕🙏

Oct 16, 2015 12:59 AM

He ask if I needed to learn how to cook a turkey for him he said he wants a turkey with a full dinner I told him I would love to cook him a full turkey dinner just only if he stay out of the kitchen he said no and he wanted to just sit and make sure I know what I'm doing so in three days I'm cooking him a feast for dinner

Oct 17, 2015 9:02 AM

Well, I know that Eddieray will enjoy that feast and I know that you will relax and just enjoy your Uncle's company in the kitchen. You are, indeed, a blessing Star!! {{{{Hugs}}}} and prayers your way always. 💕🙏🏻🌻

Oct 21, 2015 6:02 AM

Well been up and cooking eddieray turkey dinner ( birthday dinner ) he's doing fair he made a promass to my aunt and to flappyLady81 to take baby steps and take it easy and he's don't brake his word and he's been back on line but for short times oh yes it's his 60th birthday today so when he gets up he will be surprised big time. Well get back to work cooking

Oct 21, 2015 8:51 PM

I so hope Eddieray has had a very special birthday dinner! Love, hugs, & prayers to you all! 🙏🌼

Oct 22, 2015 7:16 AM

Well star cooked one very good turkey binder I'm sorry I didn't have a very hunnry is just very little couple bites then I'm not hungry and she surprised me on my birthday. Thank to all bday wishes

Oct 22, 2015 8:36 AM

Eddieray, I am so glad that you enjoyed your turkey feast that Star made for you. I also hope your birthday was a good one!! Happy 60th!!💕 I will be turning 50 in less than 3 weeks so we both hit a milestone the same year!! We're still here, going as strong as we can and putting one foot in front of the other one day at a time. So, my thoughts and prayers are with you as always and I am sending you {{{{Hugs}}}}. All the best to you Eddieray.🌻🙏🏻

Oct 22, 2015 2:21 PM

Eddieray, it's a blessing you have Star to colon and help you. I doubt I could count on any of my neice or nephews. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day!

AlwayZ, what day is your birthday??? 🙏🌼

Oct 22, 2015 11:53 PM

Thank you flappy lady My uncle has been like a father to me he has always been there for me so he's family and he taught family takes care of family out of five nefew and Neisse I'm the only one that he feels safe with except driveing

Oct 23, 2015 7:48 AM

Flappsy... My birthday is November 9th. I was born on the day of the largest blackout on the Eastern Seaboard. I came in and the lights went out... Hmmm, now that I think of it, perhaps I should be offended... LOL!! 😳🌻🙏🏻

Oct 23, 2015 1:09 PM

That's hilarious AlwayZ! Mine is the 6th. 🙏🌼

Oct 24, 2015 12:12 AM

Star tell Eddie Raye I said a belated Happy Birthday! !!!!. I am so glad that he and his wife have you to take care of them . I am sure that you are a blessing to them. I know he enjoyed his Birthday dinner so much, even though he couldn't eat very much of it. Tell him I'm sending my love and prayers that he is feeling better. Eddie Ray try and not give Star to hard of a time. You have been such a great friend, who has been there for me in times where I needed his support and prayers. I have felt like he is a brother in Christ to me. Star try and take care of your self too. I know how hard it is taking care of a loved one. My sister and I took care of my Mother and it it wasn't easy ,but I am so thankful that I did , you will be able to look back over the years or months and know you did everything possible for them. Please keep us posted on his progress, only God knows when he will call us home. Sending hugs to everyone, will keep y'all in my prayers.

Oct 24, 2015 8:28 AM

Flappsy... How awesome that we even share the same birth sign!! It is yet another similarity and another reason why we like one another so much. Scorpio are very passionate, loyal people who are selfless and like to help others. Seems that we definitely for the bill. Love, {{{Hugs}}} and prayers to you my friend.💕🙏🏻🌻

Oct 24, 2015 10:20 AM

That's so funny Alwayz and Flappys! My son's birthday is November the 8th!

Eddie ray, I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner that star made you. I am so glad you have someone like her to take care of you! 😉

Oct 24, 2015 1:11 PM

Lol! Happy early Anniversary Flappys!!

Oct 24, 2015 2:28 PM

@wezzey I can't be hard on the care givers my air is more inportance to me I thought I hade been Thur it all I'm fighting harder than ever before but I'm a fighter I think I'll have to go back to the hospital to day I'm not sure I just know that something isn't right because I seen a dr here today and to rest of the family hope and pray you all have a better pain free day

Oct 24, 2015 2:55 PM

Hugs eddieray! If you feel you need to go to the hospital your probably right. You know your body best. You're in my heart and prayers, and so is your wife and neice. 🙏🌼

Oct 24, 2015 6:42 PM

Eddie Raye I' m sorry you aren't feeling good . Is your COPD acting up on you? My husband has COPD and he has been to the ER twice this week due to the high humidity here. If you feel like you need to go you probably need too go. Like Flappsy said you know your body. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Praying for you and sending hugs.

Oct 24, 2015 7:55 PM

Thanks moparmom! You know Weezie, I'll bet the weather issues, constantly changing, are why I'm feeling lousy this evening. I started coughing & sneezing yesterday, and late today my throat got sore and I feel exhausted. It hasn't even dawned on me... Fog brain! Sweet dreams everyone! 🙏🌼

Oct 25, 2015 6:22 PM

Wezzie yes his COPD is almost at a stage 4 and any weather change kicks his butt He is also have a hearth problem and a few others he hasn't told pat about ( his wife ) so he's really worn down its more like 10 things he's fighting but last nite he just panic when he didn't hear my voice he had his police scanner on when he called for his wife my brother didn't answer him or even went to check on him even when he tripped the alarm he didn't chech but I will deal wil him latter

Oct 25, 2015 6:58 PM

Welcome to the group Cearea, my husband was just diagnosed this year with multiple Sclerosis. I have fibromyalgia, cfs, severe depression, thyroid problems, I have nerve damage and have had 18 back surgeries and the list goes on. So he and I together have been like the blind leading the blind. We welcome you to the group.

Oct 25, 2015 7:05 PM

Oh Star, I am so sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry to hear of everything that Eddieray55 is going through, I know that's got to be hard on you and extremely hard on him. Did I hear correctly that you are his niece? Do you take care of him? Does he have other family members around him to give him some support and help?

Oct 25, 2015 7:08 PM

Eddieray55, I just want you to know that you are and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. You need to go back to the hospital if you feel like that's the best thing for you. ☺

Oct 25, 2015 7:14 PM

November 6th is my anniversary, my husband and I will be married 28 years, we dated all throughout high school and knew eachother in middle school. We got married after I graduated and been together since. We are blessed with 3 beautiful kids who all are married so I guess that turns into 6 kids and we have 4 Grandchildren living and 3 grandbabies in heaven.

Oct 25, 2015 7:14 PM

IrIshGirl yes I'm his Neisse And yes he has five Neisse and nefews but I'm the only one he can depend on His wife and him I take care of 24 7 and never complained im a nurse who just quit to care for them I've got a three year old girl who enjoys them and helps too

Oct 25, 2015 9:31 PM

That's awesome of you to do, I am a nurse as well but can't practice anymore due to a bad injury from a psychiatric patient September 26th 2002. I'm glad they have you to take care of them. May God continue to watch over all of you and bless you in abundance. What's wrong with his wife? If you don't mind measking.

Oct 25, 2015 10:54 PM

Star, I can completely understand your position,I am in your shoe's I take care of 5 people pluse myself. I am praying for you y'all!

Oct 26, 2015 12:38 PM

Star, you have been an angel sent from God to take care of Eddieray and Pat. You left your job and are selflessly taking care of them and your young daughter. There is a very special place in heaven for someone like you. Sending you {{{Hugs}}} and prayers for all that you are and all that you do.🙏🏻🌻

Nov 19, 2015 3:04 PM

Start, how are things going with you, Eddieray & Pat? I've been thinking about you all and praying for you too. 🙏🌼

Nov 20, 2015 6:57 AM

Flappy lady Eddieray went back to hosipital with the flu and breathing he should be in for four days and pat is doing great she walks two miles every day we go shopping at the mall twice a week and I'm healed up to keep working long hours .
Eddieray seems to be declining just a bit he don't try to make his up and out the door anymore but he is up all nite long and as soon as he sees the sun he sound asleep he just is not his self anymore but he makes me read what's going on. Here .

Nov 20, 2015 7:10 AM

Star I am so sorry to hear that Eddie Ray is declining some, it's never easy to watch our loved ones go downhill with their health. As you may have read I am going through that now with my Aunt, you have my prayer's Star and if you need to talk I'm here. 😘🙏💕

Nov 20, 2015 7:15 AM

And I'm here for you too moparmom any time I allways check every tow hours Sorry about your anut

Nov 20, 2015 8:52 AM

Star, I am glad to hear that you are all healed up and that Pat is walking 2 miles a day. How absolutely wonderful for you both. I am sorry to hear that Eddieray is declining and that he's in the hospital. He is among the group of people who were the first to welcome me to this community. I pray that the doctors are keeping him comfortable and that they are making it easier for him to breathe. Sending you all supportive {{{Hugs}}} and prayers to you all. 💕🙏🏻🌻😊

Nov 23, 2015 9:22 AM

Star, I was away for the last few days visiting my dad. He has Alzheimer's and is declining. I'm so happy Pat and you are both doing better. Bless Eddieray's heart. It's very painful to watch our loved ones decline. May the Lord be with you all, and guide the doctors for making Eddieray as comfortable as possible. (((Hugs))) & prayers! 🙏🌼

Nov 23, 2015 9:46 AM

Star,anytime you need to talk we are hear for you, been praying for you and Pat and EddieRay daily. I was introduced to this song here a couple of days ago and I thought I would share with you it's called "Just be Held" by casting crowns. Look it up on YouTube and really listen to it, you'll be blessed. I know that this is a bit early but Happy Thanksgiving to you,Pat & EddieRay! I pray this Thanksgiving is special and you and Pat treasure your time with EddieRay. Make wonderful memories that will last forever. Love, hugs and prayer's always! 😘💕🙏

Nov 23, 2015 10:47 AM

That goes for me as well, Star. We'll always be here for you, Pat and Eddieray. Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving and I'm sending lots of love, {{{Hugs}}} and prayers to you all.💕🙏🏻🌻

Dec 01, 2015 6:54 AM

Thanks moparmom that's a grate group and he lesion to it I asked him if he heard the words he said yes @ flappylady Eddieray is looking in the corner of the room and talking to his mother who has been gone for 40 years and I know that's not a good sign . He stays up almost all nite now till the sun comes up then he sleeps most of the day away he still ask how his c m p family is doing I read to him most of the time good nite I'm going to try to catch twenty mins sleep

Dec 01, 2015 7:03 AM

Star, I am sorry to hear that Eddieray is in the decline. I know speaking to his Mom means that it may not be long now. She has come to help him cross over and go home to God. I'm glad that he still has the mental capacity to ask for the group. I pray for him (and you and Pat) every day. I pray that he is not in overbearing pain and that he is resting peacefully when he does sleep. I am sending you all love, {{{Hugs}}} and prayers for s peaceful day and with God's Grace, less pain.💕🙏🏻🌻

Dec 01, 2015 7:48 AM

Oh Star! I am so sorry to hear he is decling more. Reading what you wrote reminded me of a year and half ago when my father in law was sent home on hospice, he did a lot of what Eddieray is doing now. You, Pat and family will be in our prayers.

Dec 01, 2015 4:54 PM

Star, as AlwayZ said, it likely won't be long now. My grandmother spoke to her deceased brother 2 days before she died. The night she died she woke from sleep and started talking. My sister asked her who she was talking to and she said Jesus. She then asked to sit up and look out at the snow, commenting or beautiful it was. A few minutes later she laid back on her bed and later passed in her sleep. Though times like that are sad, it's also comforting to know they are at peace. Big (((hugs))) to you & Pat! You both and Eddieray are all in my prayers. Tell Eddieray I will always treasure his friendship, and some day was will meet in Heaven. 🙏🌼

Dec 05, 2015 12:16 AM

Well I've got some bad news my uncle passed tonite at 7:56 pm he's in pain free heaven the family is all right I'm going to be off line for a few days thanks for all the surport I luv you all God bless you . And to allwayzinpain ,Wezzie Flappygirl81 he asked if I would tell you this till we meet in person And he'll be watching over us all

Dec 05, 2015 12:17 AM

Moparmom and all I didn't list

Dec 05, 2015 12:55 AM

Star, I am so sorry, your uncle was a very special person and you are a very special person for taking care of him. You and Pat have my prayer's! God gained an Angel tonight.Love you all take care of yourselves. Sending prayer's and all my love. 🙏😘

Dec 05, 2015 1:27 AM

Star I have some information that may help from where I took care of my father-in-law. He lived with us 2 years, had stroke, then 3 more years on home health and hospice. They didn't expect him to last 3 months much less 2 years. He had some if the same issues (diabetes type 2, heart disease, COPD, HBP, swelling). There are several ways that help in addition to medication. I still have his old files and the research I did. I will dig it out tomorrow In case. Let me know if you're interested and I can email it to you. Don't give up! My thoughts and prayers are with you all as I know this has to be extremely difficult for you. I didn't get to know him but he sounds like a very sweet man. Sending hugs and prayers for strength.

Dec 05, 2015 1:30 AM

Oh Star, I am so very sorry to hear about eddieray's passing. I'm saddened that he was so ill. He will be in my heart and thoughts the rest of my days. He was among the first to welcome me to this wonderful family when I joined along with the others he mentioned. I am glad he is in a place of peace and is no longer in pain or suffering. Please know that I am crying tears of sorrow and loss for you and Pat. He was a good man and a good friend to this wonderful pain family. Even when he was really sick, he still made sure to check in and let us know he was praying for us and sending us hugs. Well, I am sending you and Pat {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that you can find peace in this time of sadness. I know he loved his family very much. He spoke of Pat often and I know he loved her and he loved and appreciated everything you did for him, Star. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. In God's holy kingdom he will never suffer again.💕🙏🏻🌻😢

Dec 05, 2015 1:33 AM

Star....so sorry! For some reason I didn't see several of the last posts until Alwayz posted. I apologize again! I will be praying for you all and everyone on here that knew him well. Please forgive me

Dec 06, 2015 8:41 PM

Star, I am so sorry to hear this, and even sorrier I'm so late finding out. You are an angel and a blessing for being there for Eddieray & Pat. I know you and Pat will be drawing strength from God & each other. You made his last few months so special for them both. As you grieve, just know that I am grieving with you. Eddieray was very special to me and this community. He was so wise and compassionate, and I will miss him dearly. Though I will miss him, I am thankful he is no longer suffering physically. One day we will meet in heaven and what a joy that will be for us all! I will keep you and Pat in my thoughts and prayers. (((Hugs))) 🙏🌼

Dec 07, 2015 1:01 AM

Flappsy, so beautifully said. I was so saddened to hear of Eddieray's passing. He was among the first in the family along with you and Weezie and Moparmom who welcomed me more than a year ago. Even through his own suffering he reached out and gave support and prayers. Such a wonderful man. I am glad that Star was with him and Pat and as you said, she made the last months of his life easier. She selflessly took care of both him and Pat. There is definitely a special place in heaven for her. I know that Pat and Star will draw strength from each other, God and our community family. I think that as a family brought together by pain and suffering we are all grieving eddieray's loss and although he will be sadly missed, he will be fondly remembered. Such a sweet soul. I'm pleased to have known him and am glad he suffers no more as he is in the Kingdom of God where we suffer no more. I think they need to rope off a section of heaven so when we all meet some day, we can all gather and watch out for the people we love. I wish peace in their hearts and to all of my much loved pain family, you're in my prayers daily. 💕🌻🙏🏻

Dec 07, 2015 9:45 PM

And the same to you Alwayz! You, Profiler, Moparmom, Weezie, and Eddieray were some of the first one's I met on here. Now there are so many it's hard to remember without seeing their names. Stupid dementia, into fog, or whatever it is! Lol 🙏🌼

Dec 08, 2015 1:55 PM

Flappsy, it's just a lot of people, I can't keep up either.... LOL!!

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