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Hi I'm new here and little ranting....sorry

Mar 31, 2017 11:32 PM

My name is Deb, I just turned 40, I'm married to my best friend (cheesy) Tom for the past 12 years, I am from Indiana (weather is a bit crazy each day you get surprised), and I suffer from pain chronic long term pain. I have suffered from pain for the last 20 years.

My areas of pain are located in my neck, shoulders, mid to low back, right hip, and left knee pain. Also the last 2 years I have suffered from right shoulder pain and have had 3 major surgeries on it. I also suffer from migraine headaches. Can I catch a break?

I have very little support, my husband is just tired of hearing about it, hes tired of doctor's appointments, and of my complaining. Pretty much everyone in my life offers no support because they don't understand it's long term chronic pain and not pain that last a day or a week.

I'm frustrated because I'm tired too. I'm tired of doctor's, I'm tired of driving an hour to see the pain management doctor. I am tired of the pharmacy. I am tired of swallowing pills to feel better but really they don't make me feel better.

My medications include morphine er, zanaflex, multiple antidepressants, antianxiety meds, and vitamins. I take a total of 25 pills a day. That's alot and I feel unsafe my liver has to have some damage.

One thing that helps is a good scream every now and then to help get my frustration out. My pain has caused other medical conditions as well. I mean you suck PAIN!

Well that's me in a nutshell (literally).


Mar 31, 2017 11:33 PM

Oh one thing I forgot I cannot work either. I'm fighting for disability. I have a hearing in June....please wish me luck.

Apr 01, 2017 12:18 AM

Welcome and good luck at your hearing. It took me 3+ years to finally get my hearing. Have you tried couples counseling with a counselor or psychiatrist that specializes in chronic pain? My other half is and always was very supportive but it was me that felt like I was dragging him down and frankly I wished I was dead. The psychiatrist gave us great tips that saved our relationship and probably my life. If you would like to talk please PM me your number and I will be happy to call you. Good luck and I am glad you found us!

Apr 01, 2017 2:27 AM

Hi Blash and welcome to the crazy family..... Sometimes you need a bit of craziness to get through the day and a good scream (I'd be screaming for hours 😱).
Good luck with your hearing, it doesn't seem to matter where you are in the world they make it as hard as possible to get disability!
I agree with LMB, you should try couples counseling with a counsellor specialising in pain it can help soo much for you as a couple and for yourself. I have a mental health nurse who is amazing and has helped me soo much over the past 4 months, she not only helps me work out what can help my anxiety but she's also helping me work out triggers for flares and want I can do to prevent a flare or if I can't prevent one what I can do to help reduce a flare.
I've never actually counted what pills I take.....Just a rough calculation is I take 22 meds and up to another 10 tablets on really bad flare days....Put like that it seems a hell of a lot but there are supplements included in that as well.

Sending you positive vibes and warm healing hugs xx

Apr 01, 2017 2:38 AM

I know it's tough. My husband/ best friend is a paraplegic, and he rarely complains about pain- so his attitude towards me is suck it up . He takes no meds . I don't talk or share any more my pain. Now he will sometimes ask about my case ( workers comp) but my answers are short.
It's frustrating and to boot he will ask me to do physical activities to help him that I shouldn't do- so I refuse the bad stuff and he gets mad .
The one thing I can recommend- reduce your stress. Once I stopped working my pain has improved. I let a lot of stuff roll off my back that I wouldn't have a few years ago. I've lost leverage with him, but gained a better attitude.

Apr 01, 2017 9:39 AM

Hi Deb. You just described me. Except I don't take that many pills. Went through a rough spell where my thinking was really bad. Memory worse than ever.. Blurred vision and speech was stuttered. Found out my meds were causing it. So with doctors help I was weaned off most of them. Still stutter at times. So please make sure none of your meds are causing troubles.

Am so.sorry you are struggling. Its so hard for others to understand unless they also struggle with chronic pain. That's why having a community where everyone can understand pain is helpful. Vent all you want.. No judgement here.

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