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Hi newbie here

Apr 23, 2016 1:24 PM

Hi I'm new to this app. Im in my 20s and Ive been suffering ftom migraines (without aura) since I was a teenager. I honestly don't remember when I even got my first migraine. The pain is intense and lasts anywhere from a few hours to 3 days. I tried every over the counter pain killer that was available and it either did nothing at all or only worked some of the time. It got the the point where I had to miss classes due to migraines. As a university student it's fine to occasionally miss class and my profs were very understanding. Now that I'm graduating in June my concern is that I can't miss work when I get a job. Due all of this about a month ago I finally asked my doctor about getting prescription migraine medication, she agreed that I should try some since nothing over the counter worked consistently. I am also waiting for an MRI, my doctor says its unlikely that i have a tumour but she wants to make sure. The prescription medication works but it can take up to an hour or so to work. And since my migraines tend to last multiple days the medication wears off after one day and the migraine come back. I try not to take it multiple days in a row, even if it means suffering through the pain, because of potential side effects (internal bleeding).

I also recently switched from the birth control pill to the IUD because the pill may have been causing the migraines (although the OBYGYN couldn't be sure since I didn't remember if I got migraines before I started the pill). My migraines are also more intense when I have my period. I got the IUD inserted a week ago and sadly I got my first migraine while on the IUD yesterday. This shattered my hopes that I might be migraine free or at the very least have less intense migraines from now on. I'm still hoping that the migraines will now be less frequent (I have an episode a few times a month).

I also suffer from a mild form of scoliosis. Due to this I also suffer fron chronic back/neck pain/tension. Various doctors have also told me that this might be a cause of my migraines as well. When I asked my former GP why no one warned me about these potential problems when I was first diagnosed with scoliosis she said that my condition was so mild that they didn't think it would cause these problems.

This is unrelated to my pain but I also suffer from depression and panick disorder that are being treated. So unfortunately my migraines and pain affect my mood negatively and do give me panic attacks sometimes. I have my good days and my bad days but I take it one day at a time.

So that's my lil intro. Glad to have found this app and a place where I can vent with other going through similar troubles. Makes me feel better to know I'm not alone.

Apr 23, 2016 2:57 PM

Welcome hope you can find the support an information that might help you. I do not have migraines like you maybe talking about but do have spinal headaches that become debilitating. Hope you find the cause and cure.🌞🌈

Apr 23, 2016 3:09 PM

Thanks very much! Im sorry about your headaches, I'm not familiar with the term or condition, but my migraines can be debilitating too. I hope we can both find treatments that work for us :)

Apr 23, 2016 9:55 PM

Welcome I am new here also but have already found it helpful to read, vent and share here. I also have migraines and take imitrex prescribed by my doctor as needed. I was at one point on a daily medication that helped with migraines that lessened there frequency. I had to stop taking it as I started on more pain meds for other issues, but it helped when I was taking it. Maybe ask your Dr about any matinace meds that could help relieve chronic migraines.

Apr 24, 2016 12:12 AM

Hi MissMooMoo, welcome. Glad you found this app & group.
I imagine that many of us suffer from panic disorders. I get them from having intense pain, too.
You are definitely not alone.

Apr 24, 2016 3:37 AM

Hi Miss MooMoo welcome aboard 😬 migraines are a bugger aren't they. Mine wake me up in the middle of the night. Very inconvenient. I take Imigran when I have a cracker and it works pretty well. My neurologist is trying me on different things but so far the side affects have not been worth it. Have you tried Botox? That's next on my list and I've heard it has pretty good results.

Apr 24, 2016 9:03 AM

Welcome to our community family MissMooMoo! Migraines are awful to deal with. My first one hit me in my 30's after a myelogram. Because I also have cervicogenic headaches that often trigger migraines, I went through epidural steroid injx to block the nerve signals. It has worked well for me so far; no severe headaches since 2014 but once. My sister does the botox injections because she's gets headaches for days to weeks at a time, without using botox.

I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but migraines are a protected disability where jobs are concerned. I found out from a co-worker when I worked. When my daughter went to work she asked her doc to fill out FMLA papers, and anytime she has a headache (migraine) it goes as FMLA leave instead of just a sick day.

I hope you will learn many new ways to try and help cope with your migraines, depression, panic attacks, & spine pain. My multiple issues causing chronic pain affect my depression & anxiety also. You are not alone here, because we all understand and share many of the same illnesses. Ive learned a lot from others here, and shared my experiences which has helped others. Hugs & prayers! 🙂💕🙏🌼

Apr 24, 2016 9:59 AM

Thanks for the advice MissMisery. Unfortunately with the anti-depressants (escitalopram) and anti-anxiety meds (clonazapam) I am on it limits my options for other medications due to potential drug interactions.I'm currently taking Cambia whenever i have a migraine. I was actually unaware about meds that decreased the frequency of migraines, I will definitely ask my Doctor about that.

Apr 24, 2016 10:02 AM

Thanks 7autoimmunes for the support :)

Apr 24, 2016 10:11 AM

Thanks dipbop. Oh dear, my sympathies that sounds awful. Thankfully my migraines have never woken me up in the middle of the night. No I've never tried botox but I've heard it works well too, I'm also planning to speak to my doctor about it.

Apr 24, 2016 10:18 AM

Thank you FlappysLady81 for sharing your experience and well wishes. I was not aware that migraines are a protected disability, knowing that definitely eases my mind about my future. I wish you well too!

Apr 24, 2016 2:41 PM


I second the botox option. My boss used to get horrible migraines that would just make her be physically sick. She was really tiny from constantly vomiting from the pain, and she gets botox now and it was a game changer. Its drastically helped her.
I hope you like it here, this is a great group of ppl :)

Apr 24, 2016 2:46 PM

Thanks SweetSassy! I'll definitely look into botox. I love it here, everyone's been so nice and helpful :)

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