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Hope has come my way

Apr 16, 2015 12:03 AM

Many of you know my story. With anyone who is new, I will do a recap. About 4 months ago, My arm started in extreme pain. I felt about 5 parts. Each was 2 inches wide in circumference on the inside under my skin. Some would be on my chest. When palpating it later and understanding what I was dealing with, I discovered that there was a wall around the circle, then a little trench. In this trench, I discovered is a worm in a circle. Then it goes under the muscle and what feels like the tip of the tail comes up in the middle of the circle in the miccle of a sac. Well, about three days later, it would pop. The cycle would start all over about every seven to ten days. This was there cycle for producing more worms. These were parasites that I later came to be find out to be hook worms. I came to that conclusion based on their face and beady eyes which when I saw in my stool and explained to the doctor, I even thought I sounded crazy. I never heard of a worm with beady eyes. So when I told them about it, they thought I was delusional. But if they had known what a hookworm looked like they would have recognized my account. Because I had no imagination for a worm that looked like that. At the time i had a tore rotator cuff. If anyone has one or has heard about them, they are extremely painful. I would say between a six and seven on the pain scale. But this thing with reproducing on my arm, that was an 8 at least and i could feel no other pain. My narcotics, anti-imflammatories, muscle relaxers did not work. The only relief I was able to get was from lidocaine patches. They are a life saver. They are normally $250. a box but Rite Aid sells them for $113.00 a box with the GoodRx discount card.

Well after that happened,I broke out in nodules all over my arms, chest, and complest stomach. They were about the size of erasers on pencils but had a flowery design to them. If you would feel the top, it was not smooth. It was like a brain but hundreds of them. My doctor said they were lypomas or fatty tumors. I told her and him that they don't just appear. I had to huge fatty tumors that went from each side of my sternum to the end of my ribcage. The worms may have lived their but they broke to pieces and are no longer their. I asked a dermatologist about this and he said lypomas don't go away or shrink but must be surgically removed.

I went back later and showed them that they had disappeared. They told me that fatty tumors sometimes do that against what the specialist said. and said it was fine. Then they came back. I informed them and they kept saying I was fine. Those nodules end up being worms. If you pulled up on them, They would come out and start moving around your body. The last thing that really got me the most concerned was that I could feel them in my head.

My doctor said I was delusional. They called my psychiatrist. My wife called my psychiatrist because I said if this kills me, make sure you have an autopsy done so you can sue them so you are provided for. So she called my psychiatrist saying she was worried about my harming myself. I was so mad. People were able to say I was out of my mind and I was not allowed to be sad. Strange things were happening to me. I went to the hospital a lot. They would refuse to run test on me. Sometimes they would just ask me what type of test do I want. Every time they required me to talk to someone on the psych team.

The statistics are amazing. 85% of people do not get diagnosed correctly for parasites. They are usually treated for something else like a psychiatric problem. delusions. The interesting thing was my doctor said that the delusions usually last about 3 to 4 months. Another report says that a person with a good immune system can expel the parasites within the same time periods. It makes you wonder how many people have allowed themselves be put on anti-psychotic medicine for this problem.

Also, you can have a parasite problem for over 15 to 20 years and not even know it. They would it would manifest itself would be by diseases that resemble irritable bowel syndrome, imflammation of muscles and joints, athritis, chronic anemia, rashes, infections.

This was such an interesting part to me. When I was 15 to 19, my mother and father go a divorce. Instead of moving on with her life, my mother decided to get dogs. She was severely overweight. I am overweight too but mine is from my medical non movement. Still no excuse. I could have done better. But my mother would do noting in the house and she would let those dogs crap all over the house. I was so embarrassed and ashamed to live there. When I was 17, I went out and purchased one of those steam cleaners on my own. But they were not strong enough nor hot enough to remove or kill anything on the carpet. So I think I have had my infection with them since those days. Shortly after getting married, I started getting rashes, anxiety attacks which I think was part, I started getting arthritis everywhere for no reason.. I have not cartilidge in my shoulder. It is bone on bone. I have had so many infections, it is pathetiic. My body registers like it has an autoimmune disease when it has none. My muscles ache all the time. I have fibromalgia. My blood work would always show inflammation. I was anemic 7/8 of the time. But the doctors took none of the evidence into consideration.

They have sent me to specialist within their own network. They read their file that suggest that I am delusional. They then spend no more then 4 minutes with me. The last time I went to the er, they said they refused to run test on me when I felt the worms wrapped arround my neck

So as to HOPE, Today God answered my prayers. I have been so very scared. I mean terrrfied. I have been alone except with my God and if I come here you would have helped me but I was so hurt that my family didnt want to help me anymore and only wanted to believe I was delusional. It got to the point they were so uncompassionate. I was trying so hard to get someone to feel them or see them, my wife. I would ask her to check something. She would only give me a minute. I felt this is my life. I have worms in my head. I allowed myself to be put on anti-psychotic drugs to be open minded. But none of them wanted to help me towards the end. At the end, I told them, I will do it on my own. I had a biopsy. I needed someone to drive. He said, I thought you weren't going to ask for any one elses help. That hurt so bad. I took myself. It was in my arm. I just drove home one armed.

So today, God has answered my prayers. This past week I have been crying so much. That I have been calling out my prayers to God. I didn't care who heard. I wasn't trying to be heard. In fact, I don't think anyone did. But I started blowing my nose. I could tell it was coming from my sinisus. Little worms started coming out. I was happy to have some proof but I figure these are little, they are going to dry out before I get there. Then I blew my nose again and this one hurt and a huge worm came out. I took really good pictures of it. and I brought the sample to the hospital.

I got to the hospital. I showed the doctor the sample. He said it looked like snot. I told him it was breaking down. He just offered to put me on the hook worm medicine to make me go away. I thought they had to put me in the the hospital since it was in my brain. He said the medicine will cover it. But before I left, I had to make a doctor believe me. I made him look at the good picture on my phone. He said it was a worm. I was so happy. One person said I wasn't delusional. My regular doctor wasnt so kind. She said she is not so sure even though the er doc said it was.

The part the hurt a little more is I told my son, who 2 days previously said if I had not gotten the answer I wanted my July, That i should acce[t I have a psychiatric problem. I realized I taught my kids to love. I have always apologized to my kids many times as an example. But I can't recall them ever saying sorry to me. My son did not say he was sorry for being so hard on me. I have to get over it. I need to focus on the blessing God has given me. A diagnosis and some medicine. Let us see if it helps. I hope a lot of you have things that are not dangerous come forward that make your diagnosis easier so you can get the best help you can get. I feel bad because I know many of you are not in my situation right now. I know my problems are far from gone. But from a chronic pain sufferer, this is like a love story. ha ha. I am sorry for the novel. Have a good morning. I hope you feel the best you can.

Apr 16, 2015 12:29 AM

I'm still praying for u all one day I'll be pain free I know it that's what we all want but I'll be happy for 1 hour at a time lol

Apr 16, 2015 8:12 AM

Profiler, I'm glad you were able to get a doctor to believe you. I'm praying that in time the meds work and you'll have one less problem, well actually two because it proves you aren't delusional. Have a good day today! 🙏🌼

Apr 16, 2015 5:27 PM

Hey there Profiler... I am so happy that you are as persistent as you are!!! Just know, the likelihood is that the worms are not in your brain because they would have great difficulty in being able to penetrate the brain barrier. The good thing is that you blew your nose and the bigger sized worm came out. The doctor had no choice but to recognize and treat you accordingly. He should have transferred you to the Infectious Disease Doctor in the hospital to help you out with the worms). You keep on being your own advocate, Profiler, you know your body and you know when something isn't right. I'm glad that happened for you, although sorry that you had those worms.

Apr 16, 2015 11:49 PM

If you would like to see the evidence that I found, the final evidence that still didn't make a doctor believe but he still treated for them. I am just hoping my doctors will validate me. I sent pictures to the cdc and to various vet colleges around the country and begged if someone there can verify them for me as an expert to my doctor. I explained it wasn't a lawsuit but was just trying to get better. I hope I get a reply.

Here is the site if you would like to see the worms. The pink came from my sinuses and the other came out my nose but dried out. If you look at one real close, you may see some eyes in it. very tiny. This is a type of hookworm that has beady eyes. The bruise is to show you how when they go crazy and they tried to come out at once. They can do this because they can burrow. Just to let you know, It doesn't look snotty. It looks like one worn and the others are worms but look more like dried out skin.


Apr 17, 2015 12:15 AM

I'm not so sure they are hookworms. Hookworms are programmed to attach themselves to your intestinal tract. If you had a hookworm infection you would have blood in your stool and it would be dark and noticeable. That's just my experience with hookworms on a farm for 20 years. Might be some other parasite or maybe different breed of Hookworms. Good luck. Though if you are on a good dewormer it should quickly produce results.

Apr 17, 2015 2:03 AM

I thank you for your help. But I went to the CDC and other places and I did some research. There are four types of hookworms. I actually think I have been infected with more than one worm.. But the hook worm was described as usually entering through the foot. They burrow through the skin very fast. They quickly enter the bloodstream and travels to the lungs. They then go up the lungs and you end up swallowing them down your esophagus unknowingly. They then go into your stomach and intestines. They also during that time have the ability to travel up to the brain. I agree that that worm did not look like my other worms. The ones I call the hookworms have like beady eyes and they burrow through things. When they come through, they open there mouth and they send out these teeth like things but they are flexable but they grab on to things. That is what I am caling the hookworm. Thanks for your advice.

Apr 17, 2015 4:40 AM

Well I am glad to hear that you now solved your medical mystery. As far as thanking God out loud well if I were you, I would open the front door and shout it so loud that the next state would hear me I will also keep you in prayers that what ever damage the worms did that it becomes nonexistent

Apr 17, 2015 6:26 AM

Profiler Thank God you were able to get a Dr to admit you had hookworms. When I was in my early 20's I always went bare footed my whole life outside I was raised in the country and we always had dogs and cats. One of my feet started to itching very badly, I had a little knot and when I scratched it I noticed it would move. I had to go to 3 different Dr's my mother finely took me to her old surgeon he looked at it and asked me did I go around outside barefooted, I said yes he told me that I had stepped on a spot where some animal with hookworms had potted and they had hatched when I had walked over it and picked it up. He used dry ice to kill it I had 3 big blisters where it tried to get away from the dry ice but he killed it. I haven't had any problems since that was in the seventies. I hope and pray that the medications you are on kills them all. If you notice any more out breaks I think you shouldn't mess around get to a infectious disease Dr as fast as you can. I hope you hear back fom the CDC and they will contact you.

Apr 17, 2015 11:25 AM

Profiler, I am so beyond happy that you got a doctor to admit that you had a parasitic infestation and that you are being treated accordingly. I am not a vengeful person but with the fear, pain and anxiety you suffered in the hospital ER and they would not do any tests let alone listen to you, I would definitely file suit against them. I know that a settlement will not cure the problem or change what happened but would certainly go a long way in helping you to pay every day bills, etc. I tried to get on the link you put on your post and was unable to get on it. It was not blue on my screen and I couldnt do a copy and paste for some reason. I really wanted to see what these little bastards that have been causing you grief look like. I'll have to try again later. Thank GOD... Thank God... I am so glad you're getting help.

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