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Jan 18, 2015 11:12 AM

Hi I was wondering If anyone goes to hospital due to there pain at all? If so what happens when you get there what are you given? When I have a severe flare up I am usually admitted to hospital due to my CRPS/RSD im given Entonox which didn't use to work but seems to be doing the trick lately. I use to need diamorphine onto of my usual morphine etc. does anyone with CRPS or any other condition have any pros or cons about TENS machines as well? Thanks :) hope everyone is okay

Jan 18, 2015 1:48 PM

Hi Charlotte132. Haven't been to ER but do use a tens unit. Think they help. They are suppose to stop the pain signal to the brain. It's definitely worth a try if it can lessen your pain some. I don't know of any con at all personally. They are small, portable. I can usually apply the leads to most areas of my pain by myself, some on the back it definitely is easier if you have someone do it. Battery lasts a long long time on mine. Best of luck!

Jan 18, 2015 3:47 PM

How long had this been happening can i ask? I used to go to the ER all the time, now when if i went they would do and give nothing. My docs told me that im not allowed entonox or morphine except for my daily pain and my acute episodes are out of control

Jan 18, 2015 4:05 PM

I've been going to hospital for 3 years. I have morphine at home so if I need it I use it but I don't use it everyday as it's been recommended I just use it for extreme acute flare ups as my everyday pain i can deal with its nothing in comparison . I use to go into hospital nearly every 2 weeks but they've been trying to take the entonox off me so we've called for ambulances and the ambulance crew have been informed by this new really bad pain doctor not to give Entonox but the ambulance crew have always said 'we will treat what we seen regardless of what that doctor says... We see someone in severe pain we must treat that' so the ambulance crew stay till my pain calms down which can be hours as I don't want to go to hospital anymore because of this doctor even though it's always been said to be the best place for me but I'm arguing different at the moment as the past few occasions I've recovered quicker at home than when I'm in hospital. My hospital have tried putting me in a coma before without telling me to stop me from being in such agnony and to pretty much shut me up to stop me from disturbing all the patients and so the hospital doesnt look so bad. We are fighting to keep the entonox now as after 3 years of it not working but taking the edge off the doctors said it was dangerous but we are arguing different and the ambulance crews always give as they said they have to treat what they see. I'd be saying its against the human rights... If the flare up pains that bad it amounts to torture to not give you something that helps to relieve it. That's what I'm thinking of using.

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