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How do I privately message folks

Feb 27, 2017 6:02 PM

I'm still very new here and I'd love to be pen pals with someone as I love to write altho when I tap the name on a post it just shows where your pain is. Help I just wanna send a private message!! I'm so dumb, today has defeated me😤

Feb 27, 2017 7:19 PM

I tried to message you privatly but it states' user is using the older version app.
Your not dumb. Its ok. Im new here to and still trying to navigate my way around.
Try to respond to my message privatly to see if it works. Let me know on here if it doesnt.😊

Feb 27, 2017 7:22 PM

I don't know. If you tap on the name it should bring up half way down private message.

Feb 27, 2017 8:38 PM

Idk everything I try nothin. I made sure all updates were done; double checked setting. I'm lost idk☹️

Feb 27, 2017 8:40 PM

I get it. Right now i cant share pictures or put a profile pic up.

Feb 27, 2017 8:41 PM


Feb 27, 2017 8:46 PM

If you are using the catch my pain app I am not sure you can private message? Anyone know?

Feb 27, 2017 8:47 PM

Oh then which app should I be using?

Feb 27, 2017 8:47 PM

If you are using Catch My Pain try switching to Pain Companion.

Feb 27, 2017 8:59 PM

Thank you all for your help!!😇 download new app!! It's amazing how something so small can make you feel so much better. I really needed this today just one WIN

Feb 27, 2017 10:11 PM

You can private message using the Pain Companion app, you can't private message or upload pictures using the Catch My Pain app. Most people have both apps because they both have their pros and cons

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