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how do you deal with fibro?

Apr 02, 2015 3:24 PM

Along with many cervical issues I would like to know how you deal with fibromyalgia? I don't have much money and will lose insurance this month.

Apr 02, 2015 4:06 PM

Tigertown, its a matter of listening to the signals your body gives you and making the necessary adjustments needed to cope with the various symptoms. Each of us is different so we have to try different things to see what best works for us. See my response, & LMB's response, to Lucky13's post "how does everybody/everyone deal". When my body says rest I rest, and I try not to stress, but sometimes it happens. I had a lumbar puncture yesterday and felt very stressed for 2-3 days, and that caused more pain. But not many of us is able to not stress or not hurt or act perfectly ok 100% of the time...not even 60% of the time. Its ok to hurt, vent, cry, and rejoice for the good moments and bad. Sometimes I think it must be easier for the older ones of us all to accept & adapt, at least for me anyway, due to our age and how long we've dealt with chronic pain before the fibromyalgia jumped on board. I've been saying for the last 10 years, to all my children, neices & nephews, and now to strangers, " Enjoy your youthful health and take care of your bodies now, because it gets harder as to you age & illnesses start." I've felt "old before my time" for 10-15 years. I've had chronic conditions since 1992; I'm now 53.

I wish you the best as you try to find what works best for you. I use music, relaxation, reading, movies and Bible study to try and stay distressed. We also just adopted a new dog, which is such a joy. We lost our last one to cancer last year, and i forgot how much he kept me entertained and not focused on the negative. I do what I can but I never beat myself up when I can't, and I don't allow others to make me feel guilty. You're in control of how you feel and whether or not you speak up to others for your needs. I'll be praying for you. 🙏🌼

Apr 02, 2015 5:45 PM

Aside from meds, which I almost wish I'd never even started taking, long hot showers. Portable tens unit, IR heat has shown promise. You can boy a tens unit at the big bospx deprugstore, like Homemedics Rapid Relief, inexpensive and portable...mini two pad tens units for $30, just enough to interrupt the pain signals, especially when I can't stand to have anything touch my skin. They're not lasting all that well, I think. I saw some tens with four leads on Amazon for about $60. - but, if I had the money, I'd buy one of the pro units like one I saw at the Flower Show. It was tens & radio frequency (I think, I was tired when I sat in the demo) Zopec DT-1200 worked so well, I teared up right there in my seat. Its $300-$400, with a foot stimulator for foot neuropathy. I'd need the foot attachment bc my feet always hurt, like I'm walking on glass. I think it would be more powerful, longer lasting & you could ask your Dr. For,a prescription. Do a little research, don't take my word for it. The research I did indicated that tens provided relief immediately for a short time after use (a day or so). IR, deep muscle heating takes longer to get working, Couple of weeks or longer, but the relief itprovides lasts progressively longer. Now I'm trying to remember If it's supposed to be Near or Far IR or both. If it works, it's worth every penny, especially if I can reduce meds.

Apr 02, 2015 5:58 PM

Mausse I use my meds and I use a homemade rice pack that I heat in the microwave for about 3 min. It helps a little and if you cover it up the heat stays in it for a long time. Some people even freeze them ,I haven't been brave enough to try that yet. When I make one I use two large washcloths sew up three sides and fill with plain white rice you don't want it to be to full,sew up that side good to go.

Apr 02, 2015 7:04 PM

what is tens for fibro or it never heard of it

Apr 02, 2015 7:42 PM

Fibro, I got my TENS unit for chronic back pain due to DDD and osteoarthritis. It also helps the fibro because it stimulates the muscles.

Apr 02, 2015 10:34 PM

what does it do and how do u pay for it

Apr 03, 2015 8:20 AM

The TENS is an electrical stimulus that interupts the pain signal before it reaches the brain. It never worked well for me, but does for many people. I don't think it's very expensive. You can probably find one on craigslist.

Apr 03, 2015 8:25 AM

It also increases blood flow and stimulates healing....Which I was not aware of until I just looked it up. :)

Apr 03, 2015 8:52 AM

Weezie12 - those rice packs are inexpensive and great in the freezer, especially when I have a headache. Mine also has lavender in the mix. I put it over my eyes like a mask.

They think that when people with fibromyalgia work their muscles, the blood infuses the muscles, like it should, but it isn't carrying as much oxygen as normal folk have. If I remember right (boy is that a stretch) the oxygen in the blood should be carrying out the toxins produced by the working muscles. Since there isn't enough oxygen to to the job, we get inflammation on a micro and macro scale. It's the reduction in those chemicals that make you feel better, strong and rested. Well, that doesn't describe us at all, now does it ?

The tens unit gives the brain something to focus on rather than the constant nag, nag, nag. It's like when it got so bad that I'd smack my arms repetitively to do the same thing, superficially, with short term results. The tens unit gives almost immediate relief to the general area around the electrodes, and it lasts for a short time, maybe a day.... Interferential feel weaker (tens units can move your are, contracting your muscles. The IF works deeper, without much action on the sking, and the results last linger and are cumulative. nfrared take a while to start working and the results last longer. RF, Iradio Frequency ??? Not sure yet, but if I had to guess, I'd bet the results are similar to Infrared.

Apr 03, 2015 9:35 AM

Sorry, IF should have been Interferential

Apr 03, 2015 10:08 AM

Mausse, how'd you find all that out. That's awesome to know, and it makes a lot of sense. I've never even had a doctor or PT person explain it like that. I took A&P and I think you're right about the blood. Thanks and kudos to you! 🙏🌼

Jun 10, 2015 11:17 AM

I used a TENS unit too and it helped me to reduce my pain level. It also forced me to lie down several times per day and do the 15 min treatment which my therapist prescribed me. I was a very busy guy and I think the stress nurtured my fibro.

Exercise also helped me a lot, although the pain got worse at first and then decreased over time. I think physical exercise was the best long term pain reliever for me.

Jun 25, 2015 1:32 PM

Have you tried antidepressants? I am not saying that you are crazy or imagining the pain. My doc put me on antidepressants although I was not depressed. The meds have a pain relievin effect

Jun 25, 2015 9:08 PM

Hi. I'm a 19 year old with fibro alongside other chronic illnesses.

I wish I had knew about the tens unit earlier. I haven't heard of it & right now I'm willing to try about anything to help relieve pain. Last night I had a very bad fibro attack around my chest area which left me shortness of breath and in tears!

I practiced breathing techniques but I had about three attacks within 3 hours.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for dealing with fibro pain

Jun 26, 2015 1:31 AM

You can try "jal neti" it increases lung power
Try finding a hath yoga teacher if possible or get help from youtube

If you are comfortable using jal neti for a week or so move onto "sutra neti" its effect is ten fold to that of jal neti but it requires a yoga teacher who has experience in this technique. You can learn it quickly though within a day or two

Jun 28, 2015 8:46 PM

Kranti, do these techniques help with costochondritis as well????

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