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How often do you contact your doctor?

Mar 26, 2018 8:31 PM

I'm never sure how often I should contact my doctor, especially when pain relief meds and exercises are not working. They never seem to believe me when I attend the one a month or one ever few months appts they give me. But then, when I try to explain that the crap they give me now isn't even shaking off the break through pain anymore, and that I need something stronger and some more aggressive treatment programs to get my body to stop flaring up, they mostly just tell me it's all in my head, or that I'm too young to have such problems. Story of my life!!

I'm so tired of being thrown in with abusers because of political nonsense or because I'm more comfortable in sweat pants.

Anyways, I keep thinking that maybe I'm not getting through because I usually just suffer through until my next scheduled appointment, cause it feels hopeless to try on between...

Thoughts? Advice?

How often to do you call or go in to see your Dr?

Mar 26, 2018 9:10 PM

I usually wait until my next appt if its only a month away because for some drugs it may take up to a month to see results, but if its longer i wait a month then call so it at least looks like im at least trying their treatment plan even if i stop taking the drug before because there is no point in putting more drugs in my body that dont do me any good. I am hacing trouble getting my doctor to understand my sleeping problems and how much they are hurting my life.

Mar 26, 2018 9:40 PM

Yes, I feel you on not taking more drugs than necessary. I'm pretty wary of what I'll take in the first place, cause they keep ignoring in my chart that I'm allergic to sulfa, and many of the drugs they tell me to take, are true sulfa based drugs. One had times in the past where I brought this up to them and they said to just take it and see what happens. I know the drs at supposed to know more, but why would I want to risk anaphylaxis just to "see what happens"?

Otherwise, I generally do take what they tell me to try, but half of it hasn't worked, and so now they have me basically just in nsaids and ultram, neither of which work very well at all.

Also feel you on sleeping problems. Though my dr listens a little bit better when I say I having trouble sleeping. Problem is, I work heavy labor during the day, and he won't listen when I tell him I need help there. I've lost jobs, customers, and half my sanity in time I've had to call out because I couldn't stand up or bear weight.

And what I don't understand is that I'm a pretty good patient. I never yell or get upset, and I do my best to follow directions within reason, and I still have to fight to get any help at all. And it seems like, unless I'm crying and screaming right then and there in front of them, then I must not have any problems... Uhg..

But then, I've seen other ppl, who I know do not have any chronic pain or autoimmune problems, and they are able to go in and get regular supplies of big drugs. I know them personally, and I've heard dozens of times from their own mouths that they don't need them, and yet they still get them.

And I don't need what they have, but I don't understand what they're doing to get help, and I don't understand how ppl like that are not caught by the system that holds so many of us back.

Is it just because we actually follow the rules, and try to be honorable? 🤐

Mar 27, 2018 9:38 AM

Me personally ring everytime somethin changes and i keep ringin till they do somethin about itbecause for me im not goin to suffer because something they have given me doesnt touch the pain i have and with not havin a diagnosis just to be told its a functional disorder doesnt sit with me. Im on a waiting list now for next special doctor and that list is 8 months waiting time just for an appointment so i will keep ringin docs until they do somethin to help me

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