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I cant do this

Nov 08, 2016 12:33 AM

So I'm weaning off tramadol and I'm down to 50mg.
The withdrawals are horrible.
So my doctor have me 2mg of valium
Seriously? That does nothing.
I have a lot of back back problems
I'm in so much pain I can't do anything
I don't understand why I have to go off Tramadol just to start another painkiller
I'm a stay at home Mum with no help I can't even stand up enough to do things properly
what do I do?

Nov 08, 2016 1:21 AM

Go back to the Dr and keep asking why their taking you off it. I know there's been stuff in the news about how dangerous it can be but that's from people misusing it.
Do you know what painkiller the Dr wants to put you on next?
I've found that if I take tramadol I'll sleep 20 hrs straight so I won't go near it again (maybe it'll stop my painssomnia!?!)

JUST do the best you can for now there are better days coming xx sending you { { { BIG GENTLE HEALING LOVING HUGS } } } XX

Nov 08, 2016 1:51 AM

it's odd how it affects different people itsll kept me up all hours.
He's putting me on palexia next he's starting me on a really low dose now.. he said I'll just have to push through it till I stop tramadol completely so he can raise the dose according to my pain

Nov 08, 2016 1:57 AM

I just love the way doctors say "you just have push thro it" as if you've got the luxury of time to do that and not have to function to carry on with everyday life.
I hope the palexia works better for you than the tramadol xx

Nov 08, 2016 10:54 AM

McKnight, you will get through this. My sister status awake on tramadol also, but it makes me sleepy. I can't take it daily because it muscles my mind, and I already have dementia. But I had to wean off cymbalta because of severe adverse effects on my body and mind. It nearly put me over the edge and in the hospital. But I got through it with help from my hubby and this community. You will too, because you are stronger than you think.

I too suffered with spinal and joint pain when my children were small, and then even more when my granddaughter was born. I taught my baby to climb into my lap, or her sister helped me by getting diapers or clothing for me, or I took naps with my little one to rejuvenate me for the rest of the day. My granddaughter has learned to play on the bed or at the table so that I can play with her more comfortably. Just think of ways to adjust what you do. And if it's something too painful and it can wait, ask others for help. Hugs love and prayers you can find ways to minimize pain in your activities! 🙂💕🙏🌸

Nov 08, 2016 11:04 AM

Sending you a spoon ... I have a hard time with most meds so trials are hard ... I get how hard it is ... I put off as much to find a sweet spot when I am not on call for my son.
Still waiting.

Drs never get the whole picture. Hugs and hope it passes quickly.

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