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I don't even know anymore...

May 03, 2016 1:04 PM

I've already had one neurologist that yes he is confident I have MS. I exhibit the classic symptoms (ie: The hug pain around my abdomen, lesions on my brain, extreme fatigue, body pain, double/blury vision, weakness, muscle spasms, leg tremors, numbness & tingling in my fingers and toes, exectric shock like pain down my spine if I move the right way, back pain, coordination problems, balance problems, memory issues, legs feel heavy, trouble getting words from brain, etc.) These symptoms are all the time, they come on for say a few weeks or a month or so then they'll go away to where I feel pretty normal for a bit and then bam it's like I get hit by a mack truck and it starts all over but it feels like each time it gets worse.

So I had an MRI on my brain both with and without contrast, took them to a different neurologist (in the same office because the initial neurologist couldn't see me because he was too backed up) and he says while I do have multiple lesions on my brain he's not confident saying its MS but he thinks it could be just from migraines. I've never been diagnosed with migraines but do get headaches occasionally.

Anyone have this happen? Does this sound correct? Could everything I'm feeling just be from migraines? He then told me to go and see a Rheumatologist and just have him diagnose me with Fibromyalgia that at least that'll maybe help with some of the pain. I'm so frustrated and I don't know what to do next. I just want to feel better or as much better as I can. I just want the pain to stop! :(

May 03, 2016 1:39 PM

BeausMomma, I can't say your docs are right or wrong. I do not think the second doc was right in saying you should see a rheumy doc and just get dx with fibromyalgia. That's an easy copout when docs don't want to try finding the answers. Have you had a spinal tap? If so did you get a copy of it?

Let me just share my experience. Last year my neurologist thought I might have MS. He referred me to Mayo Clinic. They didn't diagnose or rule out MS. I still have dizziness, balance issues, neuropathies, weakness & fatigue, which all could be from my fibro/DDD/OA/vestibular Neuronitis. And the mental lapses were dx as memory loss/dementia. The one thing accomplished by Mayo is they dx the dizziness as cranial 8 nerve, vestibular Neuronitis. They found the same dx as my other docs. I quit worrying and figured what will be will be. The first neurologist told me it can take years for all the symptoms of MS to show positive findings on tests. So for now we are treating what was know I do have, and watching for any new symptoms. And I'm trying to stay positive that it is just my dx issues causing AOL these symptoms. Fibro, sjogrens & the memory loss are all culprits of the mental functions deficits. Sending you hugs & praying you can find out what is going on. 🙂💕🙏🌼

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