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I don’t understand this pain

Jun 11, 2019 12:16 PM

Feeling very low! Pain in my back is becoming worse! The chronic pain is effecting everyday life from being a mum being a wife and friend! I can’t work at the moment feeling somewhat usless!

Jun 11, 2019 12:55 PM

Welcome to the community chronicallyillbarbie. I'm sorry you have chronic pain. Does heat help? Heating pad or Electric blanket? Try getting a towel wet and putting it in microwave. Put it on back. Hope this helps.

Jun 11, 2019 1:36 PM

Hi Barbie I just got my injev shot for my Lower back pain have you had this done yet?
So far it’s helping me out today . I’m Shore the Welcome yo the community.hug to every Shore ❤️❤️🌈🌈🙏🤗I’ll be pray

Jun 11, 2019 8:16 PM

Glad to hear Weddingshore that your injection is working for you., Welcome to our community chronicallyillbarbie. Sorry to hear about your low back pain. I’ve been suffering from it for over 36 years. Progressively worsened over time due to an injury and bad genes in our family(very bad arthritis) I understand your frustration. The thing I’ve been frustrated with the most at least in the beginning was the loss of being able to do activities I once loved ( running and bicycling to name a few). Now many years later it’s actively playing with my grand baby and riding horses with my daughter. Sporting events are no longer an option due to prolonged sitting.Its hard to understand pain and why we have to suffer from it. It creeps into every aspect of your life; as you mentioned a wife, mother, friend etc. Have you currently been diagnosed with a condition; I have ankylosing spondylitis, DDD, RA, spinal stenosis, and a few more. It at least gives you an idea of what your up against and how your doctor can treat it. Do you go to any medical specialist or pain clinic to help? I hope you can find some professional help in helping to ease your pain. All of us here suffer from chronic pain from some degree or another from various conditions and walks of life( very young to young at heart). You can vent when your having a bad day, share with us your good days or just listen. We’re here for you like no one else.weve been there tried many treatment options( some good some not). But most of all were that shoulder for you to lean on or ear to listen to or friend to talk to. We might not always respond to every posting but most assuredly we’ve probably read it. We’re here 24/7. Hope your having a better day today. Wishing you inner peace, love and best wishes. 😘🤗💕🦋

Jun 11, 2019 8:51 PM

Hi pain warrior friend yup I had it nieit the wait to see if it holds this time and not wear off. If it does inavassive options next.
So I’m pray that won’t happen to je but you never know .
Yes I’m glad that I can vent here like you guys can bc it. sure does help out a lot.i hope that you all have a nice day tomorrow hopefully less pain . I got to hold a cute little baby today so cute , my fiancé nephew wife , the baby name is Harper Lynn she fell asleep on me after we put her on my shoulder )))
So when I marry my fiancé she’s my neice by marriage to ))))) Hug gently to everyone. Shore 🤗🤗❤️❤️🙏🌈

Jun 11, 2019 8:56 PM

Isn’t it the best feeling holding a sleeping baby? Hold that beautiful and peaceful thought when your feeling anxious. Weddingshore.

Jun 11, 2019 9:04 PM

Hi ok I sure will ty Shore ))) ❤️❤️❤️🌈🤗🦋

Jun 12, 2019 9:06 AM

Welcome to the community chronicallyillbarbie! I'm sorry you are dealing with chronic pain. You don't have any diagnoses listed in your profile, which can help others to offer specific suggestions because they may share the same diagnosis. But it's ok not to list them.

I can hear the frustration and sense the depression you are going through, and I completely understand where you are coming from! I've been married 37 yr, and have 2 children that I stayed home and raised to their preteen years, then I worked part time. I'm 57 now and feel much much older & very feeble at times, due to the need for assistance from others and the use of assistive devices (cane, walker, rollator, wheelchair & elec scooters). I have had OA and DDD in my knees and spine since the 1990s, and although I had other medical issues pop up I was what you'd say extremely healthy until 2007. Although when my youngest was a baby my cervical disc issues started and I wasn't able to lift her, so I rocked her across my lap, & once she was pulling up & standing I taught her to climb into my lap because I want suppose to lift her. My 6 yr old daughter was helping change her sister's diaper at times, or dressing her. I ended up with 2 separate cervical fusions by 1995. After I graduated college in 2003 I went to work full time and loved it, and the money I was making that made all our lives so much easier. But I began having all over pain in 2007 that wasn't diagnosed as fibromyalgia until 2009, but it was the beginning of my health deteriorating. In 2010 I went on leave at work to have an absominal mass removed. Long story of many coexisting health complications caused me to become disabled by 2013, and I spiraled down in depression and frustration. I now have a very long list of diagnosed chronic illnesses, and much more chronic pain issues. I've had over 22 surgeries to date, and each new one is getting harder to accept & get through.

But thankfully I had found this community app in 2012, I think. Being able to talk with others who suffered similar diagnosed issues was truly a blessing. So many offered tips and suggestions that have been helpful, mentally and physically. And having social interaction that had come to a screeching halt (away from home) filled an emptiness inside that only added to the depression. I'm truly blessed with a wonderful hubby though many family members haven't a clue of what my daily struggles are. I've also got a great group of doctors who are supportive and willing to listen (except one who I plan to leave soon). Before finding this community of wonderful supportive people, whom I now consider friends, I felt so isolated and lonely; at the time my hubby wasn't understanding, but one of my doc's gave him a great education of what all I have to deal with, and he's been my advocate against other negative people since. I have been under the care of a psychologist for years, which helps me talk through issues & the depression I still struggle with.

AnimalLover2, Shore & Painwarrior have given good suggestions. My advice to you would be to learn as much as you can about your diagnosed issues. And for symptoms you haven't received a diagnosis for, keep pushing and see doctors (change or get second or third opinions) until you get answers. Many of us have had to wait years for answers, and to travel long distance to get diagnosed and/or treated. Be open to try various suggestions, whether it's physical, medicinal or dietary suggestions. Research your diagnoses, treatment options, & know your meds and the side effects. Keep a journal of your daily symptoms, treatments or suggestions you try that are/aren't successful. And most importantly take each day one at a time. Pace yourself with rest periods between activity. Just getting a shower, dressing & drying my hair takes me an hour because I have to rest periodically through those actions. I've learned from others here, various ways to best help me cope with my daily life: relaxation, OTC meds and tips like gentle stretches & microwaving &/or freezing a tube sock filled with rice (also a moist hand towel) for pain relief or inflammation, dietary changes, and many other suggestions. Remember: one day, one hour, one activity, one step at a time!

I'm sorry my post is so long! I just wanted to share with you some details, to let you know you are not alone here. There are so many others who have, in my opinion, much worse issues than I've had to learn to deal with. And it breaks my heart to know so many young people (teens) are suffering chronic health issues; many are born with. But this community is for all of us. And we support and learn from each other. There will be good days as well as bad. Plan ahead for rest before and after activities. You are your own best friend because you know what your body needs better than anyone else ever can. Try and be positive, and remember that your medical problems are not what makes you who you are. You may not be able to do everything you use to, but when you can do things do them to the best of your ability. And do not be afraid to ask for help, to alter how you do things, or to use assistive devices & gadgets when you need to. Ignore the negative & critical people as best you can. Try to educate them about your issues if it's someone who you care for, but if not don't waste your time & energy on them; they truly aren't worth it. Hugs love and prayers that you will find ways to cope better and learn to live your life as fully as possible! 🙂❤🙏🌼

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