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I found this awesome list of Doctors for FIBRO. .

Mar 28, 2016 10:25 PM

My. PCP apparently can't comprehend the amt of pain I am in, so I am seeking a new Dr. That will actually understand and help me.

I will be calling tomorrow. Here is the list I found incase anyone else is looking also:


Mar 30, 2016 3:49 PM

Www.pharmacy reviewer.com/forum/face-to-face-doctor-consultations-discussion/22288-u-s-good-doc-list-fms-cfs-chronic-pain-patients.html

Mar 30, 2016 3:50 PM

Sorry, but meant to say the link didn't work for me.

Mar 30, 2016 5:16 PM

I got it! Lol. Thanks for sharing!!

Mar 31, 2016 9:44 PM

I called 4 of them.. one is retired, one has moved 3 x and only treats children now, I left a message with one, the 4th one said wrong no. That list is OLD. I'M SO DISAPPOINTED.

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