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I need insight...

Feb 08, 2015 3:28 PM

I just had right knee surgery on 2-4-15 and my knee hurts and my doctor Dose not want me to use crutches or anything else except for ice and pain meds please help I don't want to get back to work soon and I can't seem to stay off my leg if you have any suggestions I'm all ears for keep you off my leg so it can heal

Feb 08, 2015 5:08 PM

Hi Charity21. I have never had knee surgery so unfortunately I don't have first hand experience...but have known several people who have. A friend who just had it last month was using first a walker and then a cane to help her get around. I know on all three friends who have had it, they had physical therapy within the week, a therapist that went to their home through home health. Then they had to start physical therapy on their own when they were able to drive etc. From a therapist that I befriended ( from many many sessions), I remember him saying that good and early PT is crucial in the positive outcome of knee replacement surgery.
If you don't have an appt this week with the surgeon, maybe you can call tomorrow first thing to be seen. It couldn't hurt for the dr to look at the incision to make sure all is well. Also, if you think you have been overdoing it, maybe try really really hard not to. If you don't have someone to help you out throughout the day, maybe you can plan out what you might need for the next X number of hours and have a friend or family come help you for 1/2 hr at a time to gather everything for you and place near you so you don't have to get up too often or unnecessarily. For example, have a cooler next to where you sit with drinks and snacks for the day. Another cooler with ice for your ice packs etc. I hope some of this helps you

Feb 08, 2015 5:40 PM

I had knee surgery about 13 years ago. I also didn't use any crutches or anything. It's going to hurt for a bit. BUT you have to listen to yourself. If it feels wrong, insist that your doctor checks it out. You can also describe as bluntly as possible what you are feeling with your physical therapist. They should be able to give you an idea if what you feel is normal or not. And you should be seeing one a few times a week at this point so it will get you a professional opinion a bit faster.

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