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I Think The Planets Aligned Against Me Today...

Feb 07, 2020 7:46 AM

'Woke up' (as if I ever slept) experiencing the worst pain I've ever felt. It has never been this bad. I got up and immediately fell back into bed and started crying. All I wanted to do was stay home, but I have a really busy day ahead of me and I can't miss. I'm so sick to my stomach and having abdominal pain, the brain fog is bad and the pain makes me feel like I'm covered in 2nd degree burns. Aaaaaaaahhhh as if this weren't enough i started my menstrual cycle today (sorry if that's tmi) which I think is why this is so bad. I was gonna stay home but I have a test, a field trip, and volunteering today soooooooo I really need to go. I had a group of students say some pretty awful things to me yesterday and I'm honestly just already done with the week. This is getting ridiculous guys, the pain is only getting worse. I wanted to go to the hospital but honestly they cant do anything... so I'm on the school bus dreading the day. I'm sorry for the rant I'm just really really tired and need this day to end. I hope you're all doing better than that and if you arent, you've got this!!

Thanks for reading guys,
- RFF 💜

Feb 07, 2020 11:42 AM

RFF, so sorry to hear about how much pain your in. I bet your right with your monthly on your probably feeling worse. I had to put 4 pain patches on my left side last night the nerve pain was unbearable. My hands and feet were tingling and burning. I hope you can get through your day and be able to relax once your home. 🦋🌸

Feb 07, 2020 8:08 PM

I'm so sorry RFF! Try to ignore those small minded bullying jerks; they arent worth your time! Periods were always rough on me because of having female issues. While at home try a heating pad or hot water bottle across the lower abdomen. I'd suggest a little wine but you're not legal age yet, but your mom or dad could give it to you😉; it only takes about 4 oz, and it helps with the blood flow as well as the pain (another reason to keep it minimal amount is because of pain meds). It was my mother in law who told me to try it, 38 yr ago, but my grandmother vouched it's an old "home remedy." My periods always caused me low backache, which I now know is also related to the IBS-C constipation, that always hit when I had my cycle. The heat also helps that if you suffer that way; my daughter inherited all that from me. Try and get some rest tonight & sleep in tomorrow since it's Saturday. Sending hugs love & prayers! 🙂💞❤🙏🌷

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