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Im back!

Jan 22, 2020 6:02 PM

Hey all! I had to unistall the app then couldnt remember what it was called ro reinstall it!! How is everyone?

Jan 22, 2020 8:45 PM

Welcome back, it's good to see you again! How's your Mom doing, and how are you doing? How were your holidays?

It's been a rough 14 months that would take a book to write. In a nutshell between myself & my hubby, next month will be our 5th surgery in 15 months (him 3, me 2). My hip repair failed & I'm getting a total hip replacement. We went to bootcamp orientation yesterday & due to my non healing & comorbidities, they seem to think I will end up in a rehab center 2-4 weeks after surgery, so I may be offline awhile. Sadly our year started with the sudden death of a sister, unknown aneurysm burst. I have moments of anger, sadness, frustration, denial, etc, but the doc says that's normal. I'm still fighting bronchitis & sinusitis from a family member at the funeral, but I'm feeling 90% improvement. But despite it all I will survive and move forward. This year has got to be better than last year! My hubby's A1C is normal & he's off metformin with diet controlled diabetes, plus his 3rd post-OP cancer PSA test is now 0.0!!! Hugs love & prayers this is a good weekend coming u for allπŸ™‚πŸ’žβ€πŸ™πŸŒ·

Jan 22, 2020 11:43 PM

Oh my goodness no wonder youre feeling rough, you're human not a robot! You poor poor thing x sending healing prayers to you. 😭 my cousin lost her sister, also a massive shock to the family, she says that no one will ever understand the bond between sisters. But she also says that she is by her side every second of the day x (i hope that brings you a small comfort) mum isnt great tbh. It wont be long now she rapidally declined in august and its been downhill from there. I handed in my notice at work as i couldnt deal with the stress of them almost throwing me out! But i as im just getting worst daily . They found i have Sacroliac joint dysfunction so i am booked in to have nerve injections (again) but this time at a different hospt. They also found endometriosis that they had to cut away, so also find out next week if they will finally do a hysterectomy! Been waiting 20 plus years! I did though, get all my medical notes so have been reading through them. Every appt ive ever had with my doctor has been to do with neck pain, back pain, and gynea problems! Dating back to 2000! So only been 20 years (i roll my eyes) i also cant use the phone very much to text as i keep having spasms where i loose all sensation in my arms and hands. Daily now. Looks like the cervical fusion is sooner than expected. I hope you find peace soon xx

Jan 23, 2020 6:08 AM

Hi sorry to hear that btw I’m on my back to Florida try to manage my legs and back spasms... I use medication to get by .. I’m going to the island soon maybe this will help my spirits up ..
I drop my Dadsashes there so I get to go see him again )) hug gently yo everyone and welcome to new comersShore .. later

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