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I'm back and have had some success

Aug 31, 2017 11:24 PM

Sorry I have been away. The last month has seen me lose my father. He is now at peace. But I wanted to share some things that have helped me. For the last few months I have tackled cleaning up my eating. Two books that have helped and bee great eye openers are "Natural Health, Natural Medicine" by Andrew Weil, and better yet was "Wahls Protocol " by Terry Wahls. I can say that my gut and weight has benefited. Certain parts of my symptoms have improved. Being who I am I don't follow the protocol to the letter but have cleaned myself up. My niece has fussed at me for years about what I have put in my mouth and now she just smiles. She had fibro to the extent that she could do nothi g in her life or her kids. She had a doctor that helped her through the process of cleaning out her diet. She is the reason I started. She rarely now has any symptoms. I hope each of you can get the books and read them. I used a highlighter and sicky notes hanging out of my books for quick references. The thing that helped me mentally was thinking of it as a life style change not a diet. Also I started out dropping my breads first, milk the next week, then white sugar, then all corn products except my cola. To test the bread, after 3 weeks I ate half a toast and within 15mins I had severe stomach cramps and stayed stuck to the potty for over 6 hours. Oh another thing is I don't use any of the recipes in the books.

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