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I'm getting help

May 06, 2015 8:30 AM

I have been swelling a lot lately because I started swelling after I was very sick a day after. I was swelling for at least a week and then Monday I went to my local doctor with my sister and this is what surprised me. She said my white blood cell count was higher then it was suppose to be and the doctors never told my dad or me that they kept that from us. So now she is thinking something may be wrong with my immune system or something with my muscles or something. Now we are starting off fresh and turning into a new direction. She ordered new blood work to see if my white blood cell count was high. I have to go to my pediatrician for the results and she will refer me to children's. But my swelling went down but I have lost feeling at my fingers at the sides of it. But my eye (left) is looking a little droopy idk why and my head has been killing me a lot and my back still hurts a lot. But she never thought it was something wrong with my nerves and the doctors up here don't seem to care about me they made my dad spend so much money on test that wasn't even needed. But there is so much they can do till they don't know what's wrong so I'm a mystery for now but I pray to god every night to figure out what is going on and get a accurate diagnosis. But thank y'all so much for the support because without y'all I would of given up but I will make sure to keep y'all updated with everything I'm really nervous of what's going on but ready to figure this out.

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