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I'm here lol

Feb 25, 2017 3:21 AM

Yea I know between busy, and art, I space some times coming on here.. And not like that many people here take note that's ok, finally had doc Martinez order MRI for me I find things out on 14th... Other then that doing therapy once a week but honestly I think PONDYS a better therapist then my therapist lol he's nice guy he listens but never gives solutions or projucts help my mind stop sabatoging me so it's frustrating but I know for sure I don't want other guy in board and helllll no to lady she was one rude n first place. .... So I simmer on back burner on this for a bit.... Go back to phsycologist on 4th I asked his nurse if we can discuss putting me on some thing for ADD cuz it's suuuuper bad I had it all my life but back then u know what that's like, and now I finally have diagnosis even tho I suspected but I'd like to quite my brain especially at night maybe I sleep.... I get to sleep my brains like psssst, did you know big birds on seseme street??? Yes brain thank you..... Oh I wonder what if we go to Italy, brain more then likely we ever will get out of this united states of crap so think we r good..... Brain where cats let's let the cats, realllly bro I'm trying to sleep stfu already!!!!! Sigh but they said wait until 4th talk ti him then OK!!!! Other then that sleep during day or afternoon late when I shouldn't cuz I won't sleep at night FML fibro naps what I call em.. Kinda like my FIBROMIDSTIMERS lol yes yess... My memorys been shit since they removed my thyroid, it was hard then loosing thoughts just as u think them or some one saying just a min I DONT HAVE A MIN IN A MIN THIS IS GOING BACK IN TORNADO THAT IS MY BRAIN!!! NOW ADD FIBRO ON TOP I USE SAY I HAD MIDSTIMERS CUZ NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR AHLZTHIMERS.... SO NOW WE HAVE FIBROMIDSTIMERS!!! ANY WAY I MIGHT BE ABLE GET ANOTHER HOUR NAP.... HOPE YALL ARE WELL HUGZ 💋❣

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