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im sitting up yo thats right up right lol

May 10, 2017 3:58 PM

WTF SO PAIN DOCTOR AND I HAVE A DISCUSSION ABOUT MY PAIN LEVEL HOW JUST A MUSCLE RELAXER NOT SHAKING TREE!!! Or bush for that matter them fuckers only come to dinner every second tuesday of the third week n july !!!! Hes HAPPY aqua therapys working...hes EXTACIC i have a nutritionist ... GOOD THING IM GOING THERAPY AS THOS ALL CAN BE SOO MUCH 😏😬 UH RIGHT GOING...THEN COMES THE " make you feel like a druggie speech scenario erc visa vee... " DOC ID LIKE DISCUSS ONE ON ONE EYE EYE MY PAIN AND HOW ITS GRADUALLY GETTING MORE INTENSE, ... Ok where?? MID BACK UP MAINLY IN RIB AREA TIGHTENS TENSES SENDS SPIDER WEBS OF PAIN UP DOWN ...MY LIWER BACK STILL HURTS FIR SOME REASON ITS BEEN CENTERED MIDDLE LOWER BACK TO TAIL BONE, MY NECK STAYS TIGHT, not TO MENTION MY LEFT FOOT TO KNEE MY CALFS GOT SERIOUS PROBLEM NON STOP PAIN... !!! Hes all wo woo your giving me too much .... UH K THEN WHY DID ASK ??? Doc whats ur plan ? I FIGURE IF WE CAN AGREE ON A LOW LEVEL PAIN MED AT LEAST TWICE DAY MUSCLE RELAXERS GO BETWEEN THAT WOULD DO A HECK LOT MORE.. I am not a fan of pain meds but i will allow Tylenol with coedine ... 30 pills take no more then two i do not wanna see u abuse this, this is serious i dont want you taking 4 a day it losses its effect... NO DER DUMB ASS DO SERIOUSLY GIVE THE OPINION IM DROPPING ACID MEETING MOLLY DRINKING WITH JACK JIMMIE AND JOSE AND AM HAVE A QUALUDE CHASER ???!!! Wtf seriously i mean wow its like being talked down to as a little kid ... And what makes my pain not valid not real to you id lovvvve to know... What ever the tylenol codine made me nap lol.. So im hoping sleep even better .... Hope no one else had my kinda day hugz. ..

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