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I'm sooooo excited!!

Nov 20, 2015 11:52 PM

My Shih-tzu got his vest in the mail today, it's official Bam is now a registered emotional support dog. He is the best and now I can have him with me when I am facing anxiety causing situations. He is like a little sadness sponge, when you hold him he just makes everything better. I'm doing my happy danceπŸ˜‹

Nov 21, 2015 1:07 AM

I am doing the happy dance right along with you. How absolutely wonderful that you can have Bam with you wherever you go and he can be right by your side for whatever you need. Animals of many kinds are such little furry stress relievers. I have a rescue dog (Puggle) named Ella who is 6 and she is the sweetest soul. I also have a 6 year old bullmastiff named Hope who is just a big mush. My little furry ferret, Mischief always makes me laugh with her antics and curiosity and it always makes me feel good when she greets me in the morning, purring and giving me kisses. They are really God's special creatures. They know our moods and can tell when we need some extra loving. Your description of him being a little sadness sponge is so accurate. Congrats to both Bam and you for making that happen. Sending {{{Hugs}}} and wishing you all the best.πŸŒ»πŸ™πŸ»

Nov 21, 2015 12:34 PM

Thanks Alwayz, my daughter is a certified dog trainer and told me this morning she is working on getting his assist dog cert so he will be able to go anywhere, supermarkets, restaurants, the works. We rescued him and have poured literally thousands of hours (and dollars) in to him. He is an amazing little guy so centered and calm. We are lucky to have him in our lives

Nov 21, 2015 6:13 PM

Absolutely awesome!! I am celebrating with you. If I was near you, we could grab hands and jump up and down and spin in circles while we do it... The. We can have whoever is watching call the ambulance.. LOL!!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ’•

Nov 22, 2015 12:27 AM

Thanks everybody. It's easy to get so wrapped up in the pain, the memory issues, the doctor issues, that I forget that I am blessed indeed.

Nov 23, 2015 5:03 PM

I'm so happy for you Iann! πŸ™πŸŒΌ

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