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I'm thinking I might have gotten an answer

Apr 27, 2015 9:14 PM

Ok, so when I looked at the order for the new MRI he had written the diagnosis code down, so I being the curious person that I am, just looked up said code. It's lumbar spinal stenosis? Anybody have any idea what that is off the top of their head? I'm at a loss.

Apr 27, 2015 9:25 PM

I believe stenosis is narrowing of the spinal canal.

Apr 27, 2015 9:30 PM

Yep and that would explain the issues that I've been having for the past almost 5 months. Has anybody else had any experience with this?

Apr 27, 2015 9:31 PM

I believe i have it as well. What questions do u have? I will try to answer...

Apr 28, 2015 9:28 AM

Well my understanding of it is the bones grows too much and narrows the canal of the spinal cord, or nerve roots, which creates pressure which causes pain... so technically they could go in surgically and fix it. My surgeon fixed the stenosis in my neck when he did my fusion. But it's not an easy fix at all. And this is my "I'm not a doctor" uneducated opinion!

Apr 28, 2015 10:05 AM

My radiology tests show stenosis on my spine at all 3 areas, and some of the stenosis is in the facets. As my Ortho said, "There's nothing we can do for you surgically."

Apr 28, 2015 11:44 AM

Also don't get too stuck on the diagnosis code and what can or can't be done. Sometimes they need to find the best fitting code for the current need because either your situation doesn't have a perfect code or they need to do a particular test that is covered by insurance when they use one code but not always when using another. It isn't cheating or wrong you probably fit it somehow even if it's just to rule out but doesn't mean it necessarily your diagnosis. Some practitioners are better than others at knowing how to make sure things are covered without too many extra hoops and some employ someone good at it.

Apr 28, 2015 1:10 PM

Yep, thats true. Totally forgot about that. Just tired of being on this merry-go-round already. This is not the life that I wanted at all.

Apr 28, 2015 3:23 PM

Yeah my doctor had to put that he was diagnosing vit D deficiency so insurance would cover the test. And for my brain MRI he coded it headaches even though I wanted to be sure there wasn't a terrible reason for my headache, he really was ruling out MS.

Apr 28, 2015 6:24 PM

I hear you Amanda... Not even close to what I thought I'd be doing in my life right now.

Apr 28, 2015 10:44 PM

I hear you both. This is not a merry go round of choice or pleasure, that's for sure. Hang in there both of you!

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