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Aug 30, 2018 7:41 AM

For last 2 years I have struggled with major trap and neck muscle spasticity after my left hand went numb one morning at work. Have been on Workcover since and sent to orthopods, neurologists, muscular skeletal specialists, vascular etc, all numerous times with no diagnosis. Have had persistent migraines to add to it and finally my GP after exhausting every avenue sent me for brain MRI. Not best news however I finally have something to perhaps explain my symptoms. Still have to see a new neurologist soon but after 2nd brain MRI and spine MRI with contrast, they now think I have MS. Again, not yet completely diagnosed but many symptoms including persistent elevated whit cell count for 2 years, all seems to fit. If it wasn't for my GP trialling every med possible and referring me to different specialists with no outcome, she has been determined to ensure every possibility has been explored. Again whilst not best news, it is treatable if it is MS and perhaps will give me back a better quality of life. To anyone suffering chronic pain along with major fatigue, muscle spasms and migraines, ask GP for MRI of brain to rule out any possible explanation like MS. Just knowing there might finally be an answer has given me hope of not living in this hell of chronic pain and no answers.

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