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Jan 15, 2015 9:04 PM

Today I had a near miss at work. Boxes fell off a pallet I was moving. I deflected them so I did not get hit in the head, but one caught my hand. It hit the back of my hand hard. There was instant bruising and swelling.
I have had my fair share of injuries in the past and I know it is not broken. No point in going to the hospital.
But the whole incident caused a Fibro flare up. I needed to go home and rest.
I know better then to expect others who do not have fibromyalgia to understand but it still hurts when they look at you like you are a drama queen or a fool.
Thank you for listening.

Jan 16, 2015 11:24 AM

Im sorry for the injury & relayed pain, but im glad it wasnt worse. My daughter had a cart full of boxes fall on her at her job nearly 2 years ago. The WC doc kept saying there's no way it caused permanent injury so her job is (rather was) giving her a hard time. She was the dough slapper and had to lift 5 gallon buckets of dough. Each week her shoulder gave her problems and worsened the pain, but her job wouldn't send her for a second opinion bc the doc notated "in her head". She found a different job and her arm/shoulder is much improved. The insurance company sent her for a permanent injury rating eval & although she didn't get a % rating, that doctor said he suspects she tore something, definitely has bursitis in the joint that will always cause problems and said shell likely need to in the future. But she wouldn't listen to me and get a lawyer so she'll likely get screwed on their settlement.

You're no more a drama queen than anyone else who has fibro. I helped my husband clean out his moms house yesterday. All I did was wrap & box handsized items. He toted/loaded/unloaded the uhaul by himself. It flared my fibromyalgia so bad that I could barely walk. I feel your pain... Empathetically speaking!

Jan 16, 2015 11:36 AM

I know it could have been worse. I am so thankful it was not. I am back at work doing lighter duty then usual. Nobody knows how to take it. Usually I do too much . This might have to be the new normal. Even so I am counting the minutes until my shift ends and I can go back home to bed .
It is so nice you share this with someone who understands.
May your flare be short.

Jan 16, 2015 12:27 PM

You said you usually do to much. Here's a thought... I too did too much, too fast, trying to do it all, and still do sometimes. My doctor told me to use a walking cane for stability, due to weakness on my right side. I didn't, until 2 weeks ago when I stumbled on my right foot because it didn't move properly and I twisted my leg in the process. Now I use the cane, and I've noticed by using it I walk slower and move my feet differently. Its helped me not be as clumsy because I'm no longer rushing to do it all. I'm a "one moment, one day at a time" kind of girl now. I know my limitations and its not my problem if others can't or don't want to understand it. Do what's best for you, and if they value your work they'll understand and work with you. Good luck & God bless!

Jan 16, 2015 2:25 PM

Holy cow if there is one thing that frustrates and angers me is when others tell you that what you are feeling is all "in your head." That's the biggest bulldo copout I've heard. That's what they say when they dont want to deal with what you are saying. It's a lazy dismissal of you.

Jan 17, 2015 5:10 AM

I've had that once and i wanted to murder the psychiatrist. After an hour and a half appointment she told everyone and he that i "had no pain"

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