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Dec 03, 2015 11:33 AM

I need some suggestions for insomnia. Natural remedies or supplements. Also does anyone take tramadol and it affects their sleep if taken to late in the day?

Dec 03, 2015 5:23 PM

Right now I'm trying out Melatonin. Your body produces it naturally when your trying to sleep, but sometimes you just need a bit more. I've been on meds like Zolpidem and Trazadone, but they make you tired all the time, and melatonin isn't that bad.

Dec 03, 2015 6:13 PM

Thank you I will have to try that.

Dec 03, 2015 10:20 PM

Hey Deana! I've had no sleep for the past 2 nights, I take Tramadol/ect myself but haven't really noticed my sleep change from it. I get itchy or naseous from it sometimes though and tend to only be able to take one a day or one very early in the morning and one late at night rather than the prescribed 1 every 4 hours. I really wish I had some answers to help with the sleep hopefully male toning will work for you it doesn't seem to effect me much.
I was told Lyrica for my fibro was supposed to help me with sleeping but it hasn't seemed to thus far.

Dec 04, 2015 7:02 PM

I was on ambein but it was doing what I thought it was suppose to

Dec 05, 2015 7:21 PM

I have always had problems with sleep. Having to go fall asleep and staying asleep is scary for me because of things that have happened in my life right from childhood and now pain problems. I have been on many medications for sleep. I have never woken up refreshed, instead feel horrible and exhausted. I am very slow to get going in the morning. I believe that I do not hit all the levels of the sleep rhythm. I currently take 20 mg of melatonin, kava kava, and clonazepam. It is helps but still do not get a full rest. I still wake up many times, lots of times horrified. I need to take a nap in the afternoon. I now try to do something when I wake in the night. I used to do hours of meditation during the day and this did help sleep at night a little bit.
Sleep is something I really need to work on. Sleep is so important! I am interested what others have to say.

Dec 05, 2015 7:46 PM

Well, it's a shame all of the sleep that we all seem unable to obtain. I just started vaping this e-juice that has melatonin and Valerian Root. It is really nice because you can use it a couple of ways. It's very relaxing. If you use one or two pulls on the vaporizer, it helps anxiety and the valerian root is a natural anti inflammatory so that may be helpful in itself. If you use anywhere between 4-6 pulls on the vaporizer, then it will make you feel relaxed and sleepy and will help you get to sleep. I am not saying that everyone should go out and start vaping, you can take it in pill form. The other thing I have found is that there have been studied on Good Morning America showing that if you use your devices at night (phones, computers, tablets, tv) that the blue light that filters through will tell your brain to stay awake even if you're tired. They say have a schedule. Also no tv in the bedroom. The bedroom is for sleep. Lay down and if you can't fall asleep after an hour, get up and go somewhere else. Walk around, sit in another room, still no devices, then after a little bit, go back to bed. Keep the same bedtime every night, wind down about an hour before bedtime. Take a warm bath, no exercise because you will wake your body up. No food or alcohol either. If you fall asleep and then wake up and can't fall back asleep, get up and go somewhere else again. When you relax again and feel sleepy go back to bed. They say after a while, your body will get into a better routine of falling asleep and you will do it longer and it will be more restful. Also, if you need to, use a nightshade and/or blackout blinds on the Windows. This will also keep any unwanted light from causing a problem. People in the study said that after a few weeks they were sleeping much better. Now, here's the rub. It didn't say if these folks were dealing with chronic pain issues or if it was merely insomnia. I hope these suggestions are helpful. I am going to have to try to implement some of these measures for my own sleep issues and see if it helps in any way. Sending everyone lots of love, {{Hugs}} and prayers for a restful night and a really awesome Sunday with a lite pain load. Sweet Dreams my wonderful pain family. 💕🙏🏻🌻

Dec 05, 2015 7:48 PM

I also listen to soft comedy off of Netflix. It's like a white noise so I am not alone. Jim Gaffigan and Kathleen Madigan are favourites. Over and over throughout the night.

Dec 05, 2015 7:50 PM

I have to do the same thing. I have my tv on all night long on low volume because I can't turn off my head and relax so I need to have the background noise.🌻🙏🏻

Dec 05, 2015 7:53 PM

Gentle stretching or meditation can help to start to settle me down before bed.

Dec 07, 2015 4:20 PM

Deanna, I really can't add anything new to the suggestions. I take Tramadol and it does not affect my sleep that I can tell. My sister however says it keeps her awake. Tylenol also does the same to each of us. I hope you can find a way to get restful sleep. 🙏🌼

Dec 07, 2015 5:03 PM

I've had insomnia off and on since I was a teen. I also walk, talk, fight, giggle, snore and lately scratch (my bf will wake me up fussing because I'm digging claws into his shoulder). I have had two complete sleep studies to check for apnea. I don't have that, but they did say that I didn't reach rem sleep at all. I'm always tired and now that I hurt all the time it's harder to get to sleep than ever, and yet, when I'm supposed to be awake, it's so easy to drop off. Wth is that about? I take Trazedone at night which works if I'm already calm. However, if my brain goes spaz mode, I don't sleep. Then the next day I stay in a fog. I've been considering Unisom and benadryl with the Trazedone. The only reason I hesitate is because I'm also on buspirone, hydrocodone, methocarbomal and duloxetine whichare supposed to make you drowsy.... I'm tired of being a zombie. I've tried meditation, but an awful lot of the time that sends me into spaz brain think about EVERYTHING mode.

Dec 12, 2015 1:16 PM

Phoenixrising, I don't know that mixing all those together is safe. Have you talked to your doctor about taking Ambien or one of the other sleep meds? I was on Ambien 9 years but towards the end had to increase and then began having side effects. They weaned me off using benadryl and melatonin. Even though I still wake several times, I now get more restful sleep than I did on the Ambien. It may be due to the Plaquenil and gabapentin I now take. But sometimes I still need melatonin or Tylenol nighttime. My doc told me not to take both together, now that I'm on the other meds. Good luck finding what works for you! I'll say a prayer that you can get the help you need soon. I know what chronic insomnia feels like. 🙏🌼

Dec 12, 2015 8:08 PM

I often have bouts of insomnia but only if my pain is out of control or if I'm getting ready to go through either a procedure or if my cycle is getting ready to start. For me a cool shower before bed is a must(night sweats suck), along with lullabies or quiet music played on Spotify during the night. Sometimes though, none of the above works so I just find something else to do until I get sleepy.
Benadryl is usually my last choice because it leaves me out of sorts in the morning(especially if I forget and don't take the caps that are dye free)

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