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Insurance woes

Nov 30, 2015 8:33 PM

As I read through the post it seems to Monday in full force. I'm sorry that it appet everyone has had a horrid day. And I hate to add to the pile but I must.I'm to the point that I feel it's cheaper to plan my funereal then to gonont any further. My family will be fine. I call to update my insurance whichbi already feel is stupid. So during this two hour phone call I am told my current plan is no longer offered a d the plan closet to it is twice the amount I'm paying now a d covers less. I no longer will get the discount I got last year due to some stupid Medicaid foolishness.

So they expect a person who had not worked in a year and who is medically unable to work to pay oveR 300 in monthly insurance plus other cost oh and I also don't qualify for Medicaid either. so the insurance guy says to me I should go back to work . how can I expect my family to do anymore for me. Not to mention my health is declining. I'm not bouncing back from surgery like I feel I should .
my out look is not very bright I'm tired I'm hurting I'm irritated and I simply can't function. I've oy driven once since my surgery because my equilibrium was so off I stumbled out of the car when I got to store the people thought I was drunk but I was just dizzy from the pain. So now my family don't trust me to drive. How much more am I expected to loss. How much more are am I supposed to deal with.
I'm sorry as I've said I know we all have had rough days especially flappys poor baby. I wish I could send you some ready to eat meal a d desserts so you and hubby can rest . but I just had to get this off my heart .I've wanted to cry ever since the phone call but I don't want to upset the house. So thank you so much for this app and the people of this app. You guys r great.

Nov 30, 2015 9:34 PM

Newfibrogirl, I am so sorry to hear this! It seems it's happening to many. My siblings on the HC marketplace insurance were told theirs will be going up. Then my sister who's on disability Medicare, she has to purchase a new extension to cover what Medicare doesn't. Our insurance through my hubby's job went up as well. My daughter said she'll take the penalty because she can't afford insurance for her family of 6. I wish I knew something to help. I don't understand how the insurance companies can keep doing this every year, and keep getting richer. It's a monopoly of the worst kind, at the expense of patients. We needed insurance more like Germany. A friend said everyone pays insurance/disability up front, and everyone has insurance. The US system was much better and affordable 20+ years ago. It's a bust now! I'll be praying for you. God can help when it looks like nothing else can. Hang on to Him, to me, to the community! (((Hugs))) 🙏🌼

Dec 01, 2015 12:21 AM

Please pardon my words, but the insurance industry sucks. I find it impossible to be able to afford the insurance for my son and I through my employer, and heaven forbid I am needing emergency care outside my area! I was suggested to go to NY for treatment, but it's not covered by my insurance, naturally, family isn't understanding that.
It frightens me for what the kids and my grandson will have to experience in future years. Ok, that's my rant.

Dec 01, 2015 3:08 AM

Newfibrogirl, don't you give up. Reading your post, I know where you're at and its a scary place to be. I just found out the same about my insurance and the premium is rediculous and so is getting less coverage for more money. Go online to Medicare.gov and there are "extra help" programs that you must qualify for because they just raised the single person's income for help to $47,000 per year and that qualifies you for extra help. There has to be something!! It is NOT cheaper to plan the funeral and your family would not be ok and neither would your pain family. You have many people to lean on and vent to and I know that doesn't change what you're going through but it does mean that you are never alone. Your family loves you and will help you as much as you can. This is not a permanent low point. Things get better and worse and better again. It's a roller coaster ride and not the fun kind. Please, please take hold of my hand, I'll pull you up. You lean on me and cry on my shoulder any time. I'll hold you in my arms, heart and prayers. Things will get better. You CAN do this. As I've said before, one second, one moment, one step, one day at a time. You can rant all you want to and get things off your chest all you need to and there are no apologies necessary. That's what we are all here for, to help each other get through these times. I am pulling for you. I'm sending you positive vibes, love, {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that you have a more peaceful and less painful Tuesday. Hang in there, you got this!!💕🙏🏻🌻

Dec 05, 2015 7:25 AM

Thank you alwayz and flappys and anniesgt ..all of your words helped. However it was really short lived only because as we all know life keeps hitting. Your words pulled me enough off the cliff so that I was not totally pushed off when my mom got suddenly hospitalized. I started a new topic all about that. Thank you again.

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