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intro I guess...

Nov 10, 2015 7:16 AM

I had my first surgery in 2009, which was a simple hernia repair that was considered unusual BC females rarely hv that type of hernia & to be wrapped with endometriosis was even more uncommon. I ended up on catheter bag for 18 weeks which is the basis of where my story began.
My 30th bday I was in a wheelchair due to the pain everywhere, catheter attached to my leg & bowel blockage . most of 2009 I was wheelchair bound. Wearing ice packs around waist back wrists & ankles.
I finally got the diagnosis of fibro and CRPS.
2011 was a bad year for me, watched my great friends house burn to the ground after a gas explosion. He lived thru the fire but once in helicopter went into cardiac arrest & never came out. My son was 3 min away from being in that house when it blew.
2011 involved 3 more surgeries for kidney & gallstones and endometriosis. Plus many more diagnoses.
2013 was rough, going thru nasty divorce finding out infedility since 2002, when we said "I do". The stress made it ten times worse my pain.
2014 pain sux! I was half way done writing my story. I found my new love & married. From then on its been a roller-coaster of events, hospital stays, one couldn't imagine it's almost like a soap opera.
2015 more Dr, more tests, teeth falling out one by one, pain, sleepless nights, 5 teenagers, and stress which I'm so used to but here lately been hard to deal. Putting ending on book already started second edition. Hv pure love for everyone going thru this!!! And I will keep promoting awareness!!
<3... Guess that's me...

Nov 10, 2015 7:39 AM

Trtbarker, I would like to welcome you in to our community family. You sure have been through the mill. I have similar issues in that I've been in pain for 22 almost 23 years. I have had 29 surgeries in that period of time and all of them have resulted in my situation becoming worse instead of better. I have several more surgeries on the back burner because after my last one, I got such a bad infection that I spent 9 months in and out of wound care and infectious disease for MRSA and enterococcus faecalis. Both very difficult to get rid of. I had a hole approximately 3 inches in diameter that ate it's way all the way to my pelvic bone. It was gross, smelly and horribly painful. At one point ran 104.3 fever and was delirious. I am so sorry for the things that you have been through. Know that you have come to to very safe place that is full of wonderful, loving, compassionate and supportive people who "get it" because we live it every day. You will find that you are never alone. There is always someone here to chat with when you need help. It does not matter what your mood is, you can vent, whine, cry, laugh and celebrate. We are all here to do it right along with you. We will hold your hand when you're hurting or scared and will celebrate with you when things are going great. There is always someone here to give you a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend. There are no judgements here. I hope that you find being with us helpful and comforting and informative. Sending you gentle {{{Hugs}}} and prayers for a better day, and again, welcome aboard!!🙏🏻🌻

Nov 10, 2015 7:46 AM

Thank u sooo much!!! I'm sorry for what u hv been thru too!! I hvnt had mrsa but every time I have a wound of any kind it never heals right.gets infected etc..I wonder how common that is with these issues?

Nov 10, 2015 7:50 AM

Perhaps due to the fact that our immune systems are compromised it's possible.

Nov 10, 2015 4:29 PM

Welcome Trtbarker! It's sad, yet amazing how many of us have heard our old way of life ends at the introduction of fibro or another major illnesses, especially when it wasn't how we thought it would end. You really caught it rough!

My first issue was an ventral hernia, followed by endometreosis, IBS & gerd, in the 80's. Then more endometreosis, asthma & allergies, saliva gland mass, 2 separate cervical disc fusions, hysterectomy in the 90's. Six auto accidents, only one my fault in the 80-90's. Oophorectomy for ovarian cysts, more endometreosis, gallbladder, foot surgery, sinus/turbinate surgery in early 00's. Then the big one in 2010 to remove a 10cm mass in my pelvis, with endometreosis & scar tissue lysis, appendectomy, omental sling creation, inguinal hernia (5 in 1), with complications of bladder hematoma requiring stents and bladder carry 6 weeks, and intubation for post op Ileus. My bowels haven't been right since. I complained as far back as 2007 but no one listened, until I started bleeding vaginally (without a uterus or ovaries). My inflammation and all over body pain was out the wazoo. My PCP started suspecting fibro, but didn't dx until 2012. I left work in 2010 to have surgery and recover. I've continued to worsen with new illnesses and symptoms. Added sjogrens, hypothyroidism, memory loss, using a cane/walker/electric carts, & tremors this year alone. But I feel blessed. I wasn't born handicapped , not bedridden, and can still do some things for myself, albeit painfully. Lol

AlwayZ covered all the intro. Just know no one is ever alone here, nor judged. We all have good & bad days. We love sharing good news and a laugh or two. Welcome again! 🙏🌼

Nov 10, 2015 4:55 PM

Try baker, yes I can understand the MRSA. I live with it every day, have only been treated for it by an infectious specialist since May. I've found that once you have it, it's darn near impossible to get rid off. In just this year alone, I've had 2 big surgeries and several office procedures for it. Possibly getting ready to have another one tomorrow maybe. Have an open infected surgical wound(yay fun). My only complaint about it right now is, oral antibiotics do NOT work for me, so I know that when I have surgery, I need to be on IV Cubicin. But anyway, I digress. Welcome.

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