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Is it so wrong to be a decent person?

Jul 22, 2015 9:14 PM

I find it awful that we live in a world where people are too afraid to help someone else.
On my way home from work last night I passed a guy that was laying just off the sidewalk in someones front yard, like they had fallen over. Of course it didn't click that I had passed someone that was unconscious until I was home. After an internal debate where the part of me that wants no harm to come to others won I went back to see if I actually saw what i thought i saw and i did. I parked the car forward from where he was laying with the plan to call an ambulance and tell them to park behind me. Then as I was getting my phone I saw movement in my rear view mirror. The guy on the ground was stirring like he was waking up so i waited and watched. After a bit he sat up, then he tried to stand. It was obvious that he wasn't going to be able to stand. He couldn't seem to find his legs. I know people who have been walking and hit by vehicles that just keep driving. I didn't know if this guy was drunk/stoned or had a spinal injury. I figured I should check if he was hurt and if he wanted help since it was obvious now (about 30 minutes after my initial drive by) that he wasn't dead. I took my phone and made sure i stayed a safe distance away and asked if he needed help. I asked if he needed an ambulance. He said he was fine, he seemed a little confused, like he didn't know how he ended up on the ground, but fairly coherent and very embarrassed. But he wasn't in immediate danger so I believed him when he said he was fine, well i believed that he would be fine, so i left.
Today I'm being told how stupid I was to stop. I am being told how lucky I am to still be alive and to not have been raped. I'm being told that I shouldn't have gotten out of my car because he could have pulled a gun on me and stole my car. I am being told that as a woman I should never do what I did. I am being told to just keep going when I see something and ignore it.
Personally if that was me laying on the ground for whatever reason I would want someone to stop and offer to help me. Personally I would want someone to stop and call for help if I was unconscious.
I have been made to feel worthless and stupid for trying to do good and help someone. I have been driven to tears today for doing something that I would hope others would do for me. What I should be ridiculed about is not turning around immediately and calling the ambulance immediately.
It doesn't help that this weather (lots of rain and big big storms), my broken main sewer pipe, my boyfriends ra meds not working anymore, being on evening shift and worrying about having food for both of us has me hurting and emotionally strung out.
Rant over.

Jul 23, 2015 4:02 AM

Sadly, that's a pretty normal response. Thanks for checking on them, I know around here there's a service that works next to (but separate from, not sure how that works) the police. They can be called if someone should be checked on, and are mostly medical volunteers.
When I was younger, I'm pretty sure I watched someone be kidnapped. Now, most people are like "You did the right thing." When all I could do was say something to my parents. I still feel guilty because I didn't see them until the truck was leaving. ... .kind of off topic.
I agree that I would want someone to check on me if I was unconscious. Gender shouldn't matter. Anyone could be injured, shot or raped. It happens. Thanks for going against the grain. I know it's impossible to totally block out what people said.
Here's something my dad pointed out the other day. "You can't judge yourself based on what happens. You can only judge yourself for how you made your decision with what you knew."
You saw someone, possibly injured. It makes sense to have empathy for someone who may also be in pain. You choose to check in, and with your information, it made sense.
I think you did the right thing.

Jul 23, 2015 7:04 AM

I'm a volunteer for St John ambulance and always would stop if someone was on the ground. But even if I wasn't a volunteer, my instinct would be to stop but keep a safe distance.
In today's world, unfortunately some Samaritans/helpers have been attacked and so stops others stopping. Shame really but this is life.
It has to be up to each individual to make up their own mind. You did what you thought was right and should be praised not criticised. At least you had your car in case of danger also.

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