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is there a difference between Fibro and Chronic Pain?

Sep 20, 2015 10:07 PM

Wondering if there is a difference between the two. I am even unsure really if a history makes the difference. Pain is pain right? Or is fibro really that different? I have been doing some research but reading I wonder if it affects my mood too. Uugghh

Sep 20, 2015 11:50 PM

Yes, and no. Fibro is a diagnosis, chronic pain is a little more up for debate because it is usually the result of something. Fibromyalgia means the doctor could not find a definitive cause for chronic pain. I have chronic pain, but not fibro. I have other diagnoses, ranging from gene mutations to CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. There are a lot of things going in in my body, some are easier to find than others.

Fibro is one of many differential diagnoses, which means basically there isn't a test that will find whether you have it or not. CRPS is also a differential diagnosis, thrown in with peripheral neuropathy. Personally, I do not accept fibro as a diagnosis, because it means that your doc likely haven't researcherd all the options for differential diagnoses. However, this is my opinion and I know many people have found comfort when receiving a diagnosis.

For many people though, Fibro and chronic pain are kinda the same thing. Fibro is the cause, pain is the effect, and in the moment it doesn't really matter how the pain is being caused.

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