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Is there anyone on here that has Marfans

Jun 27, 2016 5:36 AM

Hi I'm from Australia and I've got Marfans Syndrome as well as being recently diagnosed with Kidney Cancer.Im on ENDONE every 6hrs,because I happen to be allergic to NSAIDS.Anyone here from Australia 🐢🐢

Jun 27, 2016 4:04 PM

Welcome Matilda! I don't have this, but I think I've seen it mentioned before. We're a pretty diverse group in diagnoses, where we live, ages, etc. But we all understand chronic pain. I hope you will find the support you need as you get acquainted with everyone. We're so our best to help & support each other. Hugs & prayers for you from the USA! πŸ™‚πŸ’•πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Jun 27, 2016 7:41 PM

Thank you FlappysLady81,I didn't realise that this site even existed till I typed in Pain in the App Store ❀️❀️🐾🐾

Jun 27, 2016 8:08 PM

Hi and welcome glad you found us. Of course I wish you were not in pain. Just wanted to say welcome to the group!

Jun 27, 2016 9:29 PM

Hi Matilda! I don't have Marfans, but I do have Ehlers-Dalos Syndrome, which has many of the same symptoms. I'm in the USA. These wonderful people here have gotten me through some rough times. I do wish that none of us had to be here though. :-)

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