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Is this normal? Chest, back and breathing problems!

May 07, 2018 3:27 AM

I have a lot of things happening with my body, lots of symptoms, but some of them seem related to my chest, my back, my throat and my ability to breath properly. I think those symptoms may be related?

- Pain under my breast(on the left most of the time)

- Coughing (like a lot, most days) & flu-like symptoms often

- Sore throat

- Sometime, sharp pain in my chest and/or my back when I cough, I sneeze, when I breathe or when I stretch my torso and my arms(the pain makes me stop breathing for 1sec and I curl up due to the force of the chock/pain(I had a lot of difficulties explaining the last part in English so if you don’t understanf, please tell me!)).

- Sometimes, it start for no reason with a more dull pain in my chest and I start to have difficulties breathing.

- I almost always have the feeling of having something stuck in my throat (mucus?) And I have the need to swallow or cough, but it never works.

- I’m really easily out of breath when I walk, when I exercise, etc…

Is all of this just due to my lack of exercise? Do you have any ideas of what it could be ?

May 08, 2018 1:09 AM

I have similar symptoms. I frequently feel conjested and like there is something at the back of my throat. It feels like my medication/supplements get stuck there when I swallow them. I have the other symptoms that you have described too. I have been told that it is related to the fibromyalgia.

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