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Isn't it strange?

Nov 21, 2016 5:12 PM

That I can take the pain meds and not once get a high or a reaction other than some relief from the pain..

And yet I seem to have serious reactions to Amytriptiline.

When I was first diagnosed with FMS the drug of choice was Amytriptiline. I took it with no problems but with no relief either. Here I am 20 years later and again was put on Amytriptiline - now for Migraines. Earlier this year - shortly after starting it I began to have trouble concentrating. My.mind was racing a million miles a minute and my head felt numb. My speech starting sounding like I stuttered and I was feeling really shaky. My doctor tapered me off several meds he thought might be causing it. Thankfully it all went back to normal. Now speed up to 2 weeks ago. The pain clinic once more prescribed Amytriptiline. And 5 days ago the symptoms returned. I stopped taking them Saturday. My thinking is clearing up but I am still feeling shaky and stumbling over my words.

Crazy, isn't it?
And amazing how one pill can treat depression, chronic fatigue and insomnia (so you take it to wake up and to get some sleep?) migraines, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, painful bladder, peripheral neuropathy.IBS, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Fibromyalgia.

That must be one heck of a miracle drug.

Ok. Sarcasm aside, I know some do get relief from this pill. Its just interesting to me to see how many other issues can be treated with it besides it's original intent to be used for depression.

~~~ grumnle, mumble under breath ~~~

Nov 21, 2016 9:20 PM

Mimikay, why repeat an offensive drug? Amitriptyline, Gabapentin, Lyrica, ALL HAVE given me Horrible effects. I can't do more than 60mg Cymbalta without word stumbling, memory troubles, hallucinations, narcolepsy, extraordinary fatigue, weight gain-all such unacceptable side effects that I have yet to have to repeat a trip in that direction! Why do they insist that you try something that has not worked for you in the past?

Nov 21, 2016 10:16 PM

LoL it made me the energy bunny(I was awake for 2 days straight) and the psychologist said that's not a listed side effect. I said nothing else has changed except that. I fired her after that.

Nov 21, 2016 11:09 PM

When it happened before the doctors had started me on a few different drugs. So my primary care doctor went through all the medications I was on and found a few that could have caused my troubles. I chose to stop all of them. Well all the new ones and some of the old ones as well. So after my car wreck and the migraine that refused to leave me she suggested we try a low dose to see if it helped. I mentioned what has happened before but since we couldn't tell which drug caused my problem she thought it was worth a try. The first time I tried it - many years ago - it didn't help but it didn't harm either.

I miss the clinics in Fargo. There you really did work with a team. All my doctors were able to see my records and talk with my other doctors to decide on the best treatment. Here my doctors are sending notes to my primary doctor but not to each other. That's just hard to get used to.

Nov 22, 2016 4:21 AM

Amitriptyline and morphine mst are the only meds that have helped me with my trigeminal neuralgia. All the other meds like gabapentine and pregabline gave me such terrible vertigo, nausea, awful fatigue....I just couldn't function at all on those meds they made me feel that bad!
Amitriptyline has never helped with my anxiety or depression, it has only ever helped my pain. It's never made me stumble over my words or give me memory troubles and now I've been off mirtazapine (and still on amitriptyline) for a month I've lost about half a stone so I don't think it causes me weight gain but I definitely have a dry mouth and drink a lot of water and sometimes I do get some water retention from it but that normally sorts itself out after a day or so (I don't take water tablets).
Morphine mst causes me to get constipated so I try to eat a high fiber diet because a lot of the meds like senna or the fiber drinks give me stomach cramps and they taste horrid so I only take them in extreme cases.
I hope you're all having a pain free day xx

Nov 22, 2016 9:03 AM

It sure validates the point that what works for one doesn't always work for another. :) when I took it the first time it was given to me for pain (Fibromyalgia) didn't help but they thought it would help this time for migraines.

Nov 22, 2016 10:38 AM

I'm on amitriptyline for Migraine prevention, it works sometimes but thier are day's where a migraine will creep in and stick around for a few days.

Hope you are having a better day , love, supportive Hug's and Prayer's headed your way !🙏💖🌞

Nov 22, 2016 10:59 AM

Today I go back to the pain clinic. He is going to do the nerve blocks on the back of my head again.

Thank off to PT and then getting the cranberry salad made for Thursday.

Hope you are doing well hun.

Nov 24, 2016 5:32 AM

Amitriptyline💊 does nothing for me at all... 😊 but then, i tolerate fentanyl and pregabalin well... and i dont ever get a high 😄from my prescription meds.💊..

🤔 i also smoke cannabis 🌿for pain relief only... (☔however if i do smoke 😴too much... 😎i can get battered... 🐫so i smoke little and often, for breakthru pain 🤗)

It often amazes me how different medications 💊🌿💊🌱 can effect different patients 👧👮👧👨👵👳👴👲 in different ways.
Its trial and error finding 💊meds or therapies ✌or surgeries☂ that suit each 🐫individual patient!🤗

...saying that... 😙 if u find something that DOESN'T work 😣... or is giving u unbearable side effects... 🤗please please seek medical advice 😷and stop (or wean off) under advice of ur healthcare professional... and dont go there again 😉

We are all different 🤗 and we all have to find our own path. ☺Its ok to seek advice or get ideas... but thats all they are 😐until u have trial tested 😎that particular mediction or therapy personaly... urself 🤗

Stay safe all my forum friends 🌷

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