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It would be nice to be pain free.. if only for a few months moments

Mar 14, 2019 7:39 PM

Wishful thinking
Since the accident that’s all I’ve wanted.. not to suffer

Why is this it so hard
Bad pain days .. no end in sight


Mar 15, 2019 8:39 AM

Sending gentle hugs to you! It's hard to see light at the end of a tunnel when it's so many dark painful days. Hang in there! 🙂❤🙏🌼

Mar 15, 2019 8:17 PM

Hi sweetie

Your so kind. Thank you for your positive thoughts and reassurance.
Hope your doing well.

Mar 16, 2019 12:53 AM

Sakram, sorry to hear your in so much pain. There are days where your pain can seem endless. Remember, Darkness always comes before the dawn. Hang in there. Wishing you better pain free days. Sending you ❤️ and [[🤗]] and hope 🦋

Mar 16, 2019 5:46 PM

Dear painwarrior

Thank you for Your kind words. I think i just get very frustrated because in my mind I can do anything and physically restricted.

But your right. Bless you. Stay safe

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