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It's official.. I'm a fibromayalgia girl. Rheumatologist confirmation today.

Nov 02, 2015 1:50 PM

So thank you flappys and always and kitty and everyone who helped me with preparing for this appointment. My Doctor confirmed I have fibromayalgia and is starting me on lyrica and something for sleep. Also holding a script for antidepressants. However he wants me to start in each new med once at a time. I've been living as if I've already been diagnosed . but now I feel vindicated. As for Lupus he is still on the fence. So for now we r gonna say no Lupus right now.

Nov 02, 2015 2:03 PM

Hopefully they can get control of your pain. It's always nice to have the confirmation of what you already knew.

Nov 02, 2015 2:09 PM

Congratulations on your diagnosis! I bet that although it sucks to have these, to finally get diagnosed must be a relief.

Nov 02, 2015 3:37 PM

I know having it sucks, but being vindicated is a relief and a victory? How long did you wait for a diagnosis?

Nov 02, 2015 5:27 PM

New fibro girl how long have you have the symptoms

Nov 02, 2015 6:21 PM

Yes I do feel better knowing that a Doctor knows I have this and that I'm on a course to fix it. I've had serious symptoms for almost a year. Since January of this year

Nov 02, 2015 6:37 PM

I waited 20 yrs for a formal diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The Drs knew I had it, but couldn't formally diagnose it until now. The spinal tap finally gave us the answers we needed. I started treatment last week. I'm glad you got your diagnosis in a relatively short time period for fibromyalgia. It usually takes a few yrs.

Nov 02, 2015 6:40 PM

Yes. I'm very pleased also.. I feel the waiting game is on for Lupus. Doctor says I have some red flags but not enough for him to say for sure
But as of now I feel im on the right road.

Nov 02, 2015 6:43 PM

That's great. The lupus should be easy to diagnose compared to fibromyalgia. Wait a bit, see if certain things calm down and then take another look at it. It seems as if everyone I've ever spoken with who has fibromyalgia has another condition along with it.

Nov 02, 2015 9:25 PM

Newfibrogirl, I'm so glad for you, that you know what you're dealing with. And knowing, you can now attempt to reduce the symptoms. It may take some time to get the right treatment methods for you. Hugs & a prayer that lupus won't be added. 🙏🌼

Nov 02, 2015 9:50 PM

Hi fibrogirl. . Happy to hear you have somone whos listening and was able to put it together for you. I think in some cases fibro can become a side effect of an underlying issue .. for me it turned out to be rheumatoid arthritis. . When my ra is under control I seem to have less problems with the fibo. It took many years and doctor's to even get a we think its fibro ..I was really frustrated by that because I knew it was more than just that ..they said go see a rheumatologist. . Thank god for her because she confirmed the fibro and she also felt it was more than that .. so i completely understand the feeling of vindication. . We are the ones who live in our bodies.. we know when something just isnt right. I was relieved in a big way .. not because i wanted it or to have to deal with it but to have a starting point.. a direction to go...a plan. I couldn't do that before that .. just docs who didnt know what was wrong throwing meds at me.

I don't want to sound negative but be careful hoping for or expecting it can be fixed. I thought .. yay they know what it is now they can fix me. I was in a bad place for a long time having that expectaion... I'm definitely not fixed .. i don't think thats in thier power BUT thier are options for feeling better and I hope they find something that manages it well so you can get back to your life and not have to deal with so much pain.

Xx :)

Nov 02, 2015 10:05 PM

Yes linda000. I actually had a big fight with my mom right after my appointment because doctors r still concerned I may have Lupus. Although he is not certain and he does not want to concern me. However when I told her what he said she shut me down and went off. And I'm at a point where I can't keep having her do that to me. I had to have the conversation that I don't care what it is as long as they can fix me. So if I have to have Lupus then so be it. Im not sure if got through to her. I mean I've not even been able to get her to read articles about the fibromayalgia. She refused to see it. So I agree with u. I feel I have a long road ahead

Nov 02, 2015 10:21 PM

I don't want to be the "Debbie downer" here but there is no fix for fibro. It is medication, staying on the lowest doses you can to keep it under control and mostly acceptance of that and mourning the loss of ever being normal again. Oh and the going through meds and combinations trying to find something to slightly help.

I made it almost 10 years before forced into medication. I was slow to believe the fibro and wanted to know the true underlying problem. For good reason.

I am one that does not believe fibro is a diagnosis but a symptom and I am glad to see the medical field is starting to recognize this.

Bottom line if your happy with your diagnosis then just ignore what I or anyone else has to say on the matter that does not coincide with your feelings on it.

Nov 02, 2015 10:22 PM

Glad you have a diagnosis now you have a point to start from. Hoping that you do not have lupus. Fibro alone is a nasty beast, but lupus blows fibro out of the park. It sounds like you got a decent rheumatologist thankfully. Best of luck.

Nov 03, 2015 1:47 AM

I was diagnosed last week. Feel exactly like you, it's a relief to not feel like I'm just being lazy/whining. There's actually something wrong with me and there are a number of people I feel like phoning to tell them that the way they treated me over things was unacceptable (like the manager who sacked me for always being tired). Haha hope the meds help asap

Nov 03, 2015 6:42 AM

Morning everyone. @ shammagren.. I agree with you on all counts.. My doctors hvae told me that my pain is never gonna go away. That does hurt me but I'm beginning to accept it. Don't worry bout being a downer . I appreciate the honesty. That's what I need . actually I would prefer optimistic honest rather then blanket denial.
@ lmb...yes Lupus is awful and fibro has recked myife enough but I'm hopeful for whatever Is in store for me that's I'm gonna be prepared to handle it. By the grace of GOD.
@delphi...I'm with u. It's a relief and now I'm adjusting to the number of medication I'm on.. Although I had kind of already peraped myself for this day. I knew once I was diagnosed there would be a lot of meds

Nov 03, 2015 7:58 AM

Newfibrogirl, I am glad that you finally got a definitive answer and that the doctor has begun a treatment program for you. I'm sorry you have to suffer so, but as you said, there is vindication in knowing that there is a problem and with a confirmed diagnosis, you can move forward and start working on making the "new normal" life work for you so that you can get all of the joy and fun out of it that you so richly deserve. I hope that the meds help you and you get some much needed relief. How nice that he gave you something to help you sleep!! It will be nice for you to be able to rest. {{{Hugs}}} and prayers.💕🙏🏻🌻

Nov 03, 2015 4:26 PM

Linda0000, What you said about thinking fibro can be a side effect of an underlying issue makes sense. They dx fibro in 2012, though I had symptoms much longer. They didn't dx sjogrens & hypothyroidism until this year. After I was on meds for both, especially Plaquenil for sjogrens, I officer a vast improvement of my fibro symptoms. 🙏🌼

Nov 03, 2015 4:33 PM

Newfibrogirl, I'm very sorry your mom feels the way she does. It can't be easy not having her support. Just know you have all of us for support! A few months back my uncle found out I have fibro. His daughter (younger than me) has had it 2 decades. He thought she was being lazy, until he asked how it affects me. Now he's more supportive of her. I hope your mom will run into someone somewhere that will help not only open her eyes, but her heart to your suffering and need of support, not ridicule. Hugs & prayers for you! 🙏🌼

Nov 04, 2015 10:56 AM

The sad part is my uncles both her brothers have it. One not as bad as the other but they have been telling me this is what I had for months now.

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