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I've been away...

Dec 11, 2015 8:50 PM

I'm in the beginning of a relapse of my MS. I've been trying to get a handle on things here with my new home health care worker. The only other thing I have been doing is keeping in touch with Jenna's mom once a day so that I can update all of you on our beloved little fighter. I will continue to do this for as long as I can. Blessings to all of you and your families and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all.

Dec 11, 2015 9:06 PM

Cearea try and rest and feel better you need some you time so much stress worrying anout jenna and dealing with youre own issues xxoo

Dec 11, 2015 9:12 PM

I'm trying. I'm a nurturer by nature and I will ignore my own symptoms to help others until I end up on the floor. This is why I haven't been posting except for updates on Jenna. She asked me before she went to the ICU if she could give my number to her mom so that y'all would have updates and not worry like last time. I'm shuffling off to bed now. Goodnight all.

Dec 12, 2015 12:11 AM

Cearea God Bless you and keep you strong and healthy for doing this for Jenna. And her mom I know they appreciate you as much as we do for being our go between. Try and take care of yourself so you don't get down over the Holidays as it is a stressful time for everyone. Praying, send u ng love and hugs your way.

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