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Jaw pain

Feb 14, 2016 2:55 PM

Does anyone have this? It started a week ago out of nowhere. It's so painful to open my mouth far or chew. It locks. I mentioned to my GP last week and all he said was he thinks its connected to what's going on with me. We don't know what that is yet. Could it atrophy if something isn't done? My dog has an autoimmune disease that locks his jaw and he has to be on prednisone immediately when it happens so it doesn't lock permanently.

Feb 14, 2016 6:34 PM

Hey Gibber, try looking into seeing a dentist or oral surgeon to rule out stuff like TMJ etc..I don't know what your Primary was referring to but it is always a good thing to ask a dentist too. No it most likely will not atrophy or anything it could merely be a mechanical problems. Or its mental... LMAO...sorry you know me I had to make it funny!! Most likely it will be something rather easy.. Don't stress/that will make it worse. Try warm moist compresses when it does lock up a little.. Hang tough my friend! Love and Blessings, Terri

Feb 14, 2016 8:44 PM

Sounds exactly like my TMJ. Heat &/or I've until you can see a dentist. Hugs!! 🙂💕🙏🌼

Feb 14, 2016 8:57 PM

Thanks you guys. Wish I could afford a dentist most of my teeth are in trouble too. Hugs back to you both. I do grind so it could be.

Feb 14, 2016 9:04 PM

I know I have teeth problems..you aren't alone with that. So now that we have diagnosed you...no fee required..lol. You can get inexpensive mouth guards at the drug store until you can get one fitted ..that may help at night...love ya Gibber!

Feb 14, 2016 9:54 PM

Aha! So no bill in the mail? Sorry you're teeth are misbehaving too! I check them out. Love back!

Feb 14, 2016 10:05 PM

Same to you.

Feb 14, 2016 11:04 PM

I have TMJ, it seems to get at its worst when my pain or stress level is at its worst because apparently I clintch hibitually so it aggravates it a lot. I can't sleep with the mouth guards at night but I have heard they help a ton. Try to avoid gum and other gummy snacks for a bit.

Feb 15, 2016 12:32 AM

I am clenching in the day not at night. But having tmj doesn't help the sitaution. $400 plus to get a day wear plastic retainer looking thing (it is out of my range) It is not covered by my insurance.😖

Feb 15, 2016 12:50 AM

Yeah that really stinks I hate when the insurence doesn't do what it's meant to! I clintch day and night, during the day I try to mentally check my self as much at possible to stop and I massage my jaw line on bad days.

Feb 15, 2016 12:53 AM

Good idea Getem. I will try that. Now mg 16 year old noticed in the day he is doing it too. I hope it wasn't because of me. Anxiety is a main component in our house hold sadly.

Feb 15, 2016 12:54 AM

Yeah I hear that anxiet pain and anger can all do that I hope that gets better, also chiropractors have treatments for jaw pain I just opt out because it is quite unpleasant but it's effective.

Feb 15, 2016 12:56 AM

Maybe should go back to acupuncture and see what they can do. They have been helpful for other issues in the past. Has anyone tried it for jaw pain?

Feb 15, 2016 9:36 AM

I had a mouth guard years ago from a Dentist. I would spit it out in my sleep. I think because it was so uncomfortable.

Feb 15, 2016 10:51 AM

Gibber, sounds like TMJ to me. I wasn't doing anything about it and it became so painful and was making popping sounds and hurting to open my mouth. I was losing my hearing in my left ear. I went to an ENT Doctor and had a full workup of tests that took a month.. I had X-rays, ct scans and physical examination at the EMT office. He pressed on a spot on my jaw and I couldn't open my mouth... I hope that you are able to find a good dentist and ENT and they send you for the appropriate tests so you know that you are getting accurate diagnosis. Good luck to you. {{{Hugs}}} 💕🙏🏻🌻

Feb 15, 2016 1:44 PM

Yikes! You went through a lot. I hope it's doing better now for you. Thanks so much.

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