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Job frustration

Jul 18, 2018 9:48 PM

Does anyone else have issues explaining fibro pains and ailments to their bosses? My managers are so frustrating they dont understand anything that I'm going through. They get upset when I have to leave early for doctors appointments or that I can no longer lift anything over 10 lbs nor can I stand for long periods of time. I have doctors notes, I've even cried at work. I dont know what else to do.

Jul 19, 2018 10:21 PM

Look up spoon theory and letter to normals. Those two things explain it all out very clearly.

Jul 20, 2018 3:18 PM

Thanks I'll try that and see if it works. I work with a bunch of men who give little to no regard for anything sometimes.

Jul 21, 2018 2:37 PM

I don’t what your job is but I think if you get a note from the dr stating your needs/accommodations, no diagnosis, then generally that’s all they need to know.


a person is hired and has started work, an employer generally can only ask medical questions or require a medical exam if the employer needs medical documentation to support an employee’s request for an accommodation or if the employer has reason to believe an employee would not be able to perform a job successfully or safely because of a medical condition.

I hope this helps

Jul 21, 2018 4:47 PM

Thanks so much I will use this if I have more trouble out of my managers. I work as a front desk agent at a hotel and I know they do want their desk agents to stand but when no one is around and its quiet I need to sit. I stand when people come to check in and a lot of guests understand when they see me limp or wince in pain why I have a chair. The chair does not stop me from doing any other part of my job so I'm not sure what their problem is but again thank you for your help

Jul 21, 2018 6:33 PM

If you go to that website and search fibromyalgia you can see others have requested similar accommodations and it looks like they are required provide that unless they can prove doing so would severely harm to the company.

Jul 21, 2018 6:41 PM

I could be miss understanding the regs so you may want to do your own research. Hope it gets better at work.

Jul 22, 2018 10:22 AM

Thanks I will look deeper into it but it helps to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you so much

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