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Juicing for inflammation

Jan 02, 2016 11:38 AM

Has anyone had success with juicing for inflammation..I see so mant recipes for it !

Jan 02, 2016 12:11 PM

Well I've not gotten into juicing for real but I do use green and chamomile teas and I've found chamomile tea helps with my stress when useing it with my regular meds. And I do use a nice mix and detox waters to help with bloating. So I do feel the detox waters work. And the teas to help some with pressure in joints. I stay away from sofa and sugar juices although I do use apple juice and cranberry juice. .hope this makes since.. Lol..feels like I'm babbling.. Sorry..

Jan 02, 2016 12:15 PM

I have the Nutra-Bullet and it makes some awesome recipes. I have made many for inflammation, etc.. I didn't really notice a lot of difference. Maybe I have too many issues for that to work without other things in place to help it along. I hope if you try it, that it works for you.πŸŒ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜

Jan 02, 2016 12:16 PM

Notvat alll babbling! I just started liking teas..i try n drink lemon water in am but usually forget what kind of teas do you recommend? I saw a recipee for sweetpotato tumeric ginger carrotsand oranges for inflammation its crazy i look stuff up think this is it tommorow the day ..so depressing!

Jan 02, 2016 12:17 PM

Ahh alwayz thats what i was afraid of lol

Jan 02, 2016 12:19 PM

Thanks..I am currently using a mix of orange juice apple juice and pineapple. And I also use the lemon orange infused water in the morning. As for teas I use chamomile and green tea. And I flavor them with caffeine free herbal teas. Fruit blends.

Jan 02, 2016 12:19 PM

Only meds i take are vitamins because of my ins issues i started more intake of d3 magnesium vit c b12 anyone think i should be taking other supplements?

Jan 02, 2016 12:20 PM

Tu fibro girl that sounds good with oranges!

Jan 02, 2016 12:21 PM

I understand insurance issues butnit would be good if u could find a clinic or some medical place to get s blood pannel ran this could tell u better as to what supplement may need or which ones u are having to to much of.

Jan 02, 2016 12:22 PM

Google always my worst enemy or friend lol

Jan 02, 2016 12:25 PM

When i was in hospitol last 3 weeks ago they did blood work idk what they even look at ....of course they say youre fibro diagnosis was proally right but they were more worried about my chest pains so ended up in cardiac everytime this happens to me i think from what ppl say it was the magnesium bath they said that causes shortness of breath and purfusive sweating ...and of course whe i have flair up my anxiety horrible

Jan 02, 2016 12:27 PM

Now im babbling so sorry sometimes want to just vent!

Jan 02, 2016 12:34 PM

LOL!!! You're not babbling!! πŸ’•πŸ˜

Jan 02, 2016 4:46 PM

Nope not babbling michellled. I also have excessive sweating I don't know how but I feel getting to a great general doctor would be good for you. You can also request the records from when u were in the hospital and take them with you. Or even read though not and look up some of the findings online. To get a better idea of what us happen. What did they say was causing your chest pains.

Jan 02, 2016 4:52 PM

Well y'all I would juice I really would but its so dang expensive! I am good to cut down the sugars and candy...(*snickers*) terri

Jan 02, 2016 4:52 PM

They said conchohondritis and anxiety issues .i am turnung the big 45 tuesday my symptoms did get worse 2 years ago i was thinking maybe some hormonal issues also but of course im not dr lol

Jan 02, 2016 4:53 PM

That was my issue Terrirules! So costly

Jan 02, 2016 4:53 PM

Menopause is HELL...I am not lying,, it sucks and makes you feel crazy!!!

Jan 02, 2016 4:57 PM

My story goes like this pain started in one shoulder than 1 year next than scapula chest wall ribs about 2 years now down to hip back and knees sometimes ankles ...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh screaming in my head lol

Jan 02, 2016 4:58 PM

Omg yes I feel freaking crazy sometimes idk what to think do i even hurt or am i crazy than in morning i say ohhhh yes i hurt lol

Jan 02, 2016 4:59 PM

Every dr fibromyalgia and now ibs symptoms

Jan 02, 2016 6:46 PM

Hi Dr. Marc, can I just buy V8??okay okay I know about the sodium and stuff but it taste so much better. I don't have fibro or Ms, I do have other chronic pain/Psoriasis stuff.. I am re-doing my nutrition plan lettingngonof some very old ideas, and I am missing that old friend xSUGAR. Oooo how I miss it (/mentally) now, lololol... Nice to have a Doctor in our community. Love and Blessings,, Terri

Jan 02, 2016 6:54 PM

Lol terri! You can make youre own it is yummy! I tried if you want recipes ill send them its not to expensive!i need to kick sugar also i am only having in morning cofffee and trying to eliminate sooo hard!

Jan 02, 2016 7:43 PM

Terri, good question! fresh juice is more nutritious but costly, I know. Phytonutrients are volatile and quickly degrade. But they are very powerful. Thats why Joe only uses fresh juice. Try stevia drops and lemon juice to make more tasty, keep veggie/fruit ratio around 80/20.
Your psoriasis might respond to that. Gluten can trigger psoriasis too by the way. EnjoyπŸ‘

Jan 02, 2016 8:29 PM

Yes yes yes about the gluten!my precious daughter in law has been trying for years to get me to try gluten free, well I have now for about six weeks... I have an extremely stubborn case of Psoriasis vulgaris on my left palm, wrist, fingers... It flares so badly! Swelling bleeding cracked dry inflammes palm. And I am left handed .... I think it getting a little better..the other patches are better but my hand ..it looks horrible,people see it and I have to explain that it is not contagious.. Etc.. Well I will keep on it though, I want to feel better and be healthier! Thanks sweets for the info... By the way , How are you feeling? Love and Blessings, Terri

Jan 03, 2016 7:38 PM

Dr Fouradoulas, I've considered juicing, but in the detoxifying process would it add to my constant thirst (from the dryness of Sjogrens)? My skin, eyes, nose, mouth, & throat are always extremely dry. My eye doc put me on restasis last month. However, it's all more dry now than they were even a month ago so I'm sure I'm in a flare. I wonder if, when I'm not in a flare, will trying to detoxify/juice cause me to feel more dehydrated?

I took a head cold over the Christmas weekend that went into my chest, and I'm using OTC/rx meds to clear up the infx. The meds aren't helping the dryness, even though I've never had as much congestion draining from my sinuses in all my life!

The ENT doc said I have a nodule on my right side vocal chord. This is the third nodule to be found in my body's organs since January of 2015. I know nodules can be a symptom of Sjogrens. But should I be concerned? I've also developed several lipomas, but they're really small for now and we are watching them.

Because of the inflammatory issues I have now, my cousins been trying to convince me to juice & detox. I'm just concerned about dehydration. I'm using Vaseline on my cracked lips and its not helping. If anyone has suggestions, please provide! Thank-you. πŸ˜·πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Jan 03, 2016 9:34 PM

Oh Flappy please don't use any petroleum base products on your lips... They actually dries out your lips ( mucosa) more. Sooo throw away the Vaseline... There are other lip balms on the market.. That are so much better.. Love , Terri

Jan 03, 2016 10:31 PM

I have drank my vegetables and fruits over the past three years. I started by juicing, then felt guilty about how much I was throwing out. So I invested in a vitamix. I love my machine. I am able to thin out the texture by the amount of water. I have gotten use to pulpiness. A magic bullet is cheaper, also a good way to try it out. I did go into sugar and salt withdrawal in the beginning. Gluten and milk are things that I try to stay away from. I think it helps me with my inflammation, physical and mental calmness, clarity, better sleep, decreased cravings+++ I have even been able to keep off 85 pounds over the past three years. I am addicted to food and I need be Mindful when I eat. My weight has gone up and down lots in the past. This helped me big time. I still eat whole vegetables and fruits. I have found Gluten free products tend to be loaded with sugar and fat to give the product taste.
The Internet has some great sites about juicing recipes. I have used The Juicing Bible and Juicing and Smoothies both by Pat Crocker as reference.
Have fun through trial and error.
Cheers, Beets.

Jan 03, 2016 10:39 PM

Alwayz, what do you think of the nutri-bullet? I've been contemplating it, but haven't gone back to get it yet.

Jan 04, 2016 2:00 AM

FlappysLady, there's nothing that can go wrong considering the dryness and juicing. But when you do a juice fast you have to trink much more than normal. The body needs lots of water to detox. So drown your hunger! Why not start intermittent juicing, one day or two and see how it works. But theres mich more that can be said.
Do you want me to write an article here about juicing?

Jan 04, 2016 3:58 AM

I've don't know if what I'm doing is considered juicing. But I do detox water in the morning and a fat burn drink at night. The detox water has Lemons oragne and grapefruit slices in a gallon of water . and the fat burn juice is ora ge juice apple juice pineapple juice cinnamon and cayenne

Jan 04, 2016 3:59 AM

I've been doing g this for about a week now a d I've noticed some reduction in pain in my joints however I've been ha ing more spasm then normal also. And I'm not as bloated as I was last week.

Jan 05, 2016 3:34 PM

Thats great, newfibrogirl! Though sounds more fruit juicing. Be aware, the most powerful vitamins and plant nutrients are in vegetables. Best benefits are usually gained through juicing only for a couple of days, but take it slowly. Like that you can give your body a restorative break.

Jan 05, 2016 3:56 PM

Thank you Dr fouradoulas.. I actually did not know the juicing is for a shirt time. Thanks.. I'll try the vegetable juicing . however I normally like to eat my veggies..lol

Jan 05, 2016 4:02 PM

Acid starts flares I thought??

Jan 05, 2016 4:05 PM

That may be a case by case basis? I'm not sure actually.. For me it seems to have helped as far as my bloating and some of my joint pain. Seems better. Even though like I said earlier .I've noticed I'm having more spasm then I use to have a d I've been having the shakes a lot more. I'm not sure if the juicing has anything to do with it?

Jan 05, 2016 4:07 PM

Gonna have to try juicing or can I just purchase juice to drink? If so what brand?

Jan 05, 2016 5:29 PM

With juicing only I mean without food, juice fast, for a couple of days.

Jan 05, 2016 6:04 PM

Oh..thanks Dr fouradoulas.. Thanks for the clarity..

Jan 05, 2016 7:08 PM

Terri, I didn't know that! Thank you

Jan 05, 2016 7:12 PM

That would be very helpful to me Dr. Fouradoulas. Thank you! πŸ˜·πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Jan 05, 2016 8:35 PM

If you are nutrient deficient like me due to absorption issues and you just cant seem to get enough of what you need i find that having a fresh juice (we have a little company in town that sells fresh juice fasting packages that you can buy individual drinks from) helps a little. I dont do those fasting/cleansing things. I personally feel they are rediculous. I know that drinking too many of the juices will cause the runs, which is part of the cleansing package. I also know that if i was only allowed the juices and a salad (which is what those cleansing packages are) i would probably loose it and murder someone (but i also take in more than 2000 cal a day at 5'2" and 135lbs)
My favorites from my local juice place are:
Pear + cucumber + kale + lemon + mint
Melon + apple + cucumber + spinach + celery
Spinach + kale + cucumber + broccoli + mint + pomegranate
I don't know what amounts they used. But i know that if they weren't 8.50 for less than 2 cups id probably purchase them more than twice a year. They also have to be consumed within 3 days of being made.
I dont know if anyone outside of western canada can see this site but


Jan 05, 2016 11:59 PM

Honestly, most people are somewhat nutrient deficient nowadays because industrial food production has deprived the food of nutrients. Fasting is an age-old tradition to support self-healing. The juice adds to it and makes it easier. I will do a post about it in the coming weeks.

Jan 06, 2016 12:31 AM

Fasting can cause more problems for some people and never do it during your period or if you are going to be traveling.
Even the religions that require extended fasting have exceptions for the people that it negatively affects.

Jan 06, 2016 1:48 AM

Yes gotobef..I've learned the hard way. On fasting I've had gasttric bypass and have hypothyroidism and I tried doing a fast even after my doctor was like uh nooo. Fasting. And I found myself passing out totally out cold . and still got spoken to harshly by my pastors and mom..lol when they found out I disobeyed the Dr..

Jan 06, 2016 8:17 AM

Yes I juice daily, celery, greens, bluberries. And some times cucumber with juice. I also drink lemon water in the am to get my body hydrated after sleeping. Lost 10 lbs even during christmas. Feeling better, but have no less pain.yet lol

Jan 06, 2016 8:58 AM

Oh nice moshell i do lemon water in am and before bed

Jan 06, 2016 11:28 AM

What's the benefit of lemon water?

Jan 06, 2016 11:33 AM

Lemon water has lot good for metabolism digestion hydration and also the lemon peel has most vitamins which helps with inflammation alot of ppl are unaware so i take the peels with lemon and put in a blendor with drop of water and drink as icecubez in my night lemon water a also drink apple cider vinegar with lemon water in morning it is good for youre body also!

Jan 06, 2016 11:34 AM

Really michellled... I've never thought of that. I do the lemon detox water and the fruit juiceing. What do u think of ginger?

Jan 06, 2016 11:36 AM

I posted on other one you commented yes! I drink ginger tea and they have ginger snacks they help youre anxiety along with swelling imo i am getting some ginger to put in smoothies also it helps i promise!

Jan 06, 2016 11:37 AM

The snacks are like fruit snacks it has srtong taste but im weird i like it lol

Jan 06, 2016 11:55 AM

Gotobef, I just spit my water when I read the part of your post that said of you just had juice and salad that you'd probably lose it and murder someone, LOL!!! That was priceless. Thanks, I really needed that giggle!! When I use my Nutra-Bullet, I use apple, green grapes, spinach, kale and cucumber with green tea. It tastes really good and is good for you. I have also used ginger root in some of my drinks as well. I have no thyroid and I don't eat very much but due to lack of exercise I don't burn off a lot of calories. I try to get up and move as much as I can, the bathroom is downstairs so I go up and down probably 10-15 times a day. That and taking my Mom or Dad where they need to go. Sending {{{Hugs}}} to all my peeps. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»

Jan 06, 2016 2:33 PM

Unfortunately I have this issue where if i dont consume around 300 cal every 2-3 hours regular bitch goes away and crazy bitch shows up. The doctors say that im not diabetic or even pre-diabetic but my mood is very closely tied with blood sugar ups and downs. Even my pain levels are affected. If im doing really bad the boyfriend gets me pasta to eat and by the time I'm done eating I'm managing a little better and not so cranky. Which is why I assume it's blood sugars.
My magic bullet gets abused every morning making me breakfast smoothies. Frozen fruit, rice beverage, protein powder, psyllium husk, spinach, kale and chard.

Jan 06, 2016 8:22 PM

Thanks Michelle! πŸ˜·πŸ™πŸŒΌ

Jan 06, 2016 9:13 PM

I stick with more veggies than fruit. Mostly follow Wahls protocol diet. Also there are a few studies that show citrus and nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant) increase joint pain in people with arthritis. Check it out. I know that processed foods increase my pain tremendously.

Jan 06, 2016 11:37 PM

I know the nightshades but eggplant my favorite! Grrrr

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