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Just a Reminder about the GoodRx Discount Card

Jan 12, 2015 11:53 PM

I wanted to remind you all about the GoodRx discount card because it is unlike any other discount drug card that I have ever used. I have used others in the past. They may have save me anywhere from 50 cents to $2.00. But that was it. The nice part of the drug card is that if you go online, it will tell you the price of the drug at that store and then the price after the discount or coupon. They use several different drug stores. I think quite a few. People have signed up to their network but they say that their card could be useful at many other stores that have not signed. It is if you use the preferred store that you get the best benefit. So that you could see how good this card is, I decided to put together several medications that are used for pain. Ones that are pretty costly. to show you how the card works and how good the discounts are. For the purposes of giving you this example, I am going to use Walmart and Kroger at the 2 main stores. There are many more but I can't write down everything. So here I go. Just a note, I have insurance, and some of my prices offered by them are better or for drugs not covered.

Generic Lidocaine Patches 5%, 1 Box or 30, Walmart regular price $238.14 discounted to $201.57 Kroger regular price is $285.00 discounted to $203.07. I found one awesome deal that I am going to add here. Walgreens sells the patches for $262.99 discounted to $112.29

Generic Vicodin 325/5 mg, 60 pills, Walmart sells it for $5135 discounted to $13.70. Kroger sells it for $48.00 discounted to $12.30

Generic Celebrex 10 mg, 30 pills, Walmart sells it for $198.00 discounted to $75.70, Kroger sells it for $249.00 discounted to $75.30

Oxycontin 10 mg, 60 pills, Walmart sells it for $175.00 discounted to $148.71, Kroger sells it for $183.99 discounted to $146.88

Generic Duragesic patches, 2 Boxes, 5 patches of 50 mcg each, Walmart sells them for $195 discounted to $92.25, Kroger sells them for $224.00 discounted to $108.09

Generic Xylon, 7.5/200 mg, 90 pills, Walmart sells them for $113.00 discounted $36.95, Kroger sells them for $100.00 discounted to $30.61.

Oxycodone 15 mg, 120 pills, Walmart sells them for $84.00 discounted to $46.67, Kroger sells them for $202.00 discounted to $46.27. I am going to tell you the discounted price that the card gave me for the same medicine because I bought it at Costco. The retail price at Costco was $71.00 discounted to $9.25. I was so happy with that price. I love this card. I just wanted you all to know how much it can save you

Jan 13, 2015 12:06 AM

Thanks for sharing that.... It will be extremely helpful for many. There is also a program (one of many) called LIS (Low Income Subsidy) and they help pay for your meds. My generic meds, no matter the price, cost me $2.65 and name brand, no matter what the price, cost me $6.35. There is NO coverage gap for the meds and no ceiling for the year. Look into it... It could save you even more. I was on Fentanyl Pops for breakthrough pain and they were $13,000.00 a month and they cost me $10.00. (They were the VERY best medicine for my breakthrough pain but nobody will cover them any longer because of the expense and they only give them to people with cancer pain, not chronic pain sufferers like me. Just some basic stuff I found along my journey of trying to afford my meds. Hope this is helpful to some folks.

Jan 13, 2015 12:34 AM

Thank you for the information really appreciate it. In the Houston area Kroger and CVS will not honor the card on narcotics. Every pharmaceutical company has programs most of them just require a firm from your doctor. Even if you have money they just want to verify you cannot afford anything else and they will give you the name brand medication. So even if there are income requirements or the lack of sometimes you just have to ask.

Jan 13, 2015 1:56 AM

LMB, I would check that out, I would think that would be against the law for them to do that. This is just like an insurance card. All they have done si somehow got the insurance rates on the medicine. The card is set up like it is going through an insurance company. It has a bin, Rx number. If you take pain meds regular, you might want to talk to a social worker or a local politician representing the state. I have found dealing with one pharmacy and getting to personally know my pharmacist is very helpful. I may buy some meds from other pharmacies, but my pain medicine is bought from only one pharmacy. I made sure that I got to personally know the pharmacist. I know a lot about medicine and don't need a pharmacist to give me advice on them. But I would play dumb anyway and ask questions just so he got to know me and my personality. They can tell the drug addicts and seekers and after a while, they will know you are not one of them. Maybe they are sure of that now. Have you gone to the pharmacist and told him about your medical condition and what it does to you and all the things you do to treat your pain. He will know that you don't just rely on pain medication alone. When I tell other doctors I meet for the first time what I am doing about my pain or I tell a pharmacist, they are impressed that I am not just relying on narcotics because after a while they don't work as well. So if you are not doing anything else or have some other medication that helps pain, they will think you are just addicted to pain pills

But maybe if you tell the kindest pharmacist you know of your condition and who you go to and why and what they are doing for you. Maybe he will be kind and empathetic and use that card for you. I don't know if you believe in God, but God can move people's hearts to do things they normally wouldn't do just to provide help for those in need. I am not claiming to know your situation and that I have the answer to this issue. I just thought it is worth the chance that you can move someone's heart to kindness. I lost my bottle of pain pills several months ago. It was nearly a full months bottle. I have been a very good patient (yes, I am being humble) and I have done every thing I have been told with my pain medication. So when I lost it, I had no problem with the doctor. I went to the pharmacist, he was very helpful. My problem was the police. They did not want to accept my report and they said they wouldn't. But I did what I told you and then I said something that I think helps. Zi tell them that I appreciate them being so careful with these medications. That they must see a lot of people every day that abuse them and it messing up people's lives. I tell him it makes it hard on the ones who really need the medication but that I appreciate the job he was doing and why he has to do it. I got my medicine refilled. Plus the pharmacist put in a good word for me.

I just think that communication helps influence. I know I am using a little bit of coercion but it helps me get what I need but I am sincere.

Well I hope I didn't sound like a nut case or that I presumed to know your situation. I am just telling you what helped me when I had problems like that. I hope that you are feeling as best as you are possibly able to feel. Take care

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