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just. BREATHE....the darkest hour only has 60 mins

Sep 19, 2016 6:00 PM

First time I felt alive*
I heard her voice and I knew her pain and strife
I roamed alone, death by my side
Nothing seemed right 'til you came into my life
I grabbed a hold to learn and grow
It was destined that you and I collide
My everything, my sacrifice
And I'll defend you 'til the day I die

Keepers of the faith
I will defend your name
Only true believers remain
The blood, the sweat we gave
Through all my joys and pains
You can't deny the keepers of the faith

I reach for you in troubled times
You spoke to me and made everything alright
I live through you, I'm by your side
It's safe to say that you truly saved my life


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