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Just brought a dog home

Sep 11, 2015 12:42 AM

She's sitting on my foot right now. She's border collie/lab mix, and skirting on feet seems to make her feel safe. She's not sure how she feels about my dad, but she's's being really friendly. She's skittish, but I would be too, if moving to a new place.

Sep 11, 2015 5:30 AM

Awwwwww!! Congrats Ferretbandit. I couldn't be happier for you. What a wonderful person you are for rescuing a dog. I hope you have many happy years together. Remember to give her time to settle and give her all the love you can... She'll return it ten fold!! 💕😊👏🏼

Sep 11, 2015 7:27 AM

Ferretbandit, That's wonderful! 🙌 You'll find so much joy having her in your life. Give her a few days and she'll relax and begin to get comfortable. She may be skittish with your dad because some make abused or yelled at her.

If she's like the one we had, we figured out many things had happened by his reaction to certain things, like brooms, mops, shotgun, any object that was long, and sadly he flinched the first few days when we'd go to stroke or scratch his head. But he learned he way safe with us and by week 2 this was his home!

I hope your whole family will enjoy and love your dog. She will become the most loving and loyal companion. 🙏🌼

Sep 11, 2015 7:38 AM

I am so happy for you all. Enjoy. It is a great stress reliever for you and the dog. Pets have a way that they just know when we need them. When I am in really bad pain our dog sticks to me like glue. I am glad you found a pet.

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