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Just needing to vent some fibromyalgia ,fatuge ,fog

Nov 09, 2016 3:12 PM

I've been fighting since 1989 fibromyalgia, fatigue, I used a chiropractor and muscle stretching to get back to work. I was lucky I only had a couple symptoms then. I had two more children and became a payroll specialist at the end I took care of 400 plus employees pay checks and loved my job very much. But had to leave because my health was getting worse I thought it was because of the old building I worked in. The new job i could not get down and was let go because of memory problems as well as my husband of 17 years left me for another woman who would use drugs and party. 2002 the divorce was done. I've struggled with not working and just being a stay at home mom. I can happy say my three girls have grown up and moved out all three are doing great with working and having kids. I've been watching my grandkids but my family does not think that is work. I should go be a greeter at walmart they say. Yeasterday I went shopping three stores and 3 hours latter was very tired. Fell asleep before 11pm and did not wake up till 2 pm. When I go up and boil my eggs for the week and cook my avikodo they have to give me a hard time. They refuse to read any articles I put up about fibromyalgia and think everyone with fibromyalgia can work. Just because I have some energy after 15 plus hours of sleep does not mean I can pull two jobs so they can be happy. I have no support from my family only my girls understand. All I've wanted when I was normal was to be a career working woman so my girls would see that. Thankfully all three have seen me give my all to stay working without any help from my family untill I lost my house and life savings as well as my dignity. I've tried to explain but it's like talking to a brick wall. I need a new doctor in this area I moved to the one I had thinks it's my teeth causing all my grief even when my gallbladder was only working at 13%. That was removed in 2013 I think or 2014. Even after the surgery my belly hirt so bad they diagnosed conective tissue damage and did deep massage wich helped. I'm currently on 7 presciption meds and take 10 supplements that I've read can help my health problems. I'm also trying to eat less sugar and diet soda my last two bad habits. I quit smoking a couple years ago hoping that was my problem wich most of my doctors blamed my health problems on. Sadly there wrong again my head achs get worse and better this last time because of th antibiotics I was given for a odd sinus infection. I have pain in my teeth and the dentist diagnosed sinus my tooth was fine. The antibotis helped my headach, ear gurgling sounds as well as my ear rinning got better the next day. I will be taking my last pill tonight and can tell it's still not gone. I struggle with should I change my painkillers(painclinic) or push for more antibiotics (main clinic who think it's all my teeth). Or find a different dentist.

Nov 09, 2016 4:44 PM

Hi Nanablue64, I'm sorry you're going thro this xx
I can understand the frustration with family and unfortunately because they are "normal" they can't or don't want to understand and no matter what you say or do or ask them to read they think they know better. The only thing you can do is to keep going and ignore them as best you can which yes I know is easier said than done.

What your saying about your teeth and ear sounds a little like the pain I started out with and I yoyoed between doctors and dentists for years until I moved and found a new dentist. She said that because I grind my teeth I'd damaged the jaw joint on the left hand side I was finally diagnosed with Temporomandibular disorder (TMD). I suffered for years with pain in my ear and at times the pain in my teeth was soo bad I felt like I wanted to pull all my teeth out on the left hand side! I also found that the reason I was suffering from regular migraines was the fact the the pain from the jaw joint would build up to a certain point and that was what triggered the migraines, to finally be taken seriously was such a relief.
Is the pain just in your teeth or does it also go up and behind your eye on the same side as the teeth pain and in and behind your ear on the same side? Do you feel that you want to pull all you teeth out because of the pain?
You could have Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I would do some research on both conditions then go back to your doctor and dentist armed with the symptoms and push to be referred to specialists for further testing and diagnosis.
Also you may need more antibiotics for the sinus infection.

Good luck with trying to get answers and don't let them fob you off either.

I suffer from both myself and actually got admitted twice to hospital last year because of the pain from the Trigeminal Neuralgia so I know it's very painful to deal with.


Nov 09, 2016 6:10 PM

Hugs ... It's hard to have an invisible illness.

Just a thought I read that gabapentin can cause your mouth health to decline. It was mostly gum issues from what my foggy brain recalls.

Thank you for sharing.

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