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Kidney stones again

Jun 14, 2017 5:38 PM

Hi everyone, I have a question for my Sjögren's syndrome friends. As some of you know that I had a big kidney stone that took 3 different procedures to remove and it caused me a lot of pain for months. Well once again I have kidney stones in my right kidney again. I just got rid of the big stone a couple of months ago. My question is have any of you had continuous stones and if so what do I need to do to get rid of this problem. They say oh the stones are still in your kidneys and you just have a tad of blood in your urine so your kidney shouldn't be causing you any pain. If I had blood in my urine then to me that means the stones are rolling around aggravating my kidney. All last week my stomach and right side starting hurting and I went into a flare because I got the butterfly rash on my face and body aches. My right kidney hurts and they can't tell me oh it's not hurting or else I would have not went to the ER last night and waited 8hrs to be seen. I need some advice from you guys cause I'm still fighting for health insurance and I feel these stones are tearing my kidneys up. Thanks in advance everyone

Jun 15, 2017 3:48 AM

Kidney stones are the worst. Soooo painful. Does drinking a lot of water help? When I had mine they did lithotripsy on it and got rid of it.

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